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:: Monday, November 12, 2007 ::

:: 49ers Game 9 Recap ::
Last week when I was putting in my schedule requests, I considered asking for Monday night off as well so I could watch my 49ers play the Seahawks on Monday Night Football. Maybe even do another Game Diary since the last one kinda fun.

Good thing I didn't. The way they played today, if I had to sit through the entire game I probably would have a few holes in my TV right now, my laptop would be shattered from me hurling it, there would be holes punched in the wall, and I'm pretty someone would have called the police to my place after being frightened from all the noise.

Ok, I'm not really that volatile but given the way team played tonight - the way they've played most of this season - there would have been much anger and frustration on my part. As it was, I worked tonight and had to deal with a steady stream of freaks and retards (you wouldn't think that something as simple and obvious as reading a menu would be difficult but apparently, some people don't get that a menu is where you learn what you can order), weasely co-workers, and lazy busboys but that was still less painful than watching my Niners get shut out by a team that we beat twice last year.

I clearly remember how I was approaching this season with "cautious optimism." Last year, I expected nothing and we went 7-9. This year, I thought we could build on that but... we're now 2-7. The numerous injuries haven't helped but neither has the fact that our quarterback has regressed. Not surprising considering his offensive coordinator last year was Norv Turner (a guy with a history of developing young quarterbacks; for example, Troy Aikman. Ever heard of him?) and is now a guy who used to be in charge changing the urinal cakes at the stadium.

So now, I'm back into that rarified sports fan zone of rooting for a losing season in order to establish some high draft picks. Except that one of our early picks was traded to the Patriots (yeah, like they need help). Ugh. I think I may need a new team.

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