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:: Tuesday, October 24, 2006 ::

:: Look at my Little Boy Grow Up ::
Being a proud parent of a, um, turtle you learn to appreciate some of the quirks about owning a reptile as a pet. I've always been a dog person and always envisioned having one eventually. I have friends who have cats, goldfish, hamsters, and even a fighting fish and while they're cool in their own way, they never appealed to me. I wanted something with fur that licks my hands and plays fetch.

So you can imagine my surprise at the level of affection I've developed for my turtle Mike. I never realized turtles could be such cool pets but at the same time, I wonder if I should be a little embarassed for being so ga-ga over a reptile. But then I remember I don't care what anyone things so, never mind. Here's a few more baby photos.

This is what he was like when I first got six or seven months ago. His shell was about the size of a half-dollar coin. Cute, ain't he?

That little white thing next to him is a calcium block for his tank. I put that there for reference so you can see how much he's grown. That block is actually about 15% larger than when he was a hatchling.

You can really see the details on his shell. It's quite beautifully shaped.

A pretty clear shot of his red "ear." I took this right before he scurried back into the water. I can't prove it but I think he said "thanks for waking me up, you giant douche." Kids.

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