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:: Thursday, June 09, 2005 ::

:: Get hammered. It helps. ::
I'm typing this after three beers on an empty stomach (I didn?t feel like cooking) at 11:37 at night and I told myself that I?m going to post this as is first thing in the morning. Now, two beers may not sound like much but here in Prague, the smallest servings are usually a half-liter, which is a good 20% or more than our typical 12oz bottles. Also, I drank a couple of bottles of a local brew called "Primátor" that's a robust 10% alcohol; more than your typical 4.5-5% found in most beers.

I haven't made it a secret that the past months have been a struggle, both creatively and personally, for me. I used to wonder if it was one of or a combination of several factors: adjusting to a foreign environment, being an employee of an new ad agency, creative fatigue from the last year. I had a one-on-one with my Creative Director here a couple of nights ago and I explained to him my problems. To him it seemed to simply be case of burnout.

Really? I ask.

Sure, he replies.

For two months?!

Yeah. Some creatives get it for years and years.



How do you get over it?

(Paraphrasing) sometimes it helps to go out and get completely trashed.


Have you ever wondered why everyone in this industry drinks a lot? Or smokes a lot of pot?


Now I?m not saying do this all the time because that?s bad. But at least for me, after a long week where I feel burned out, I just go out and get sloshed. (He didnt actually say sloshed. Just my interpretation.)

Really, well... ("Really" and "well" is all I'm capable of saying at this point, apparently.)

It doesn't have to be like that. I mean, whatever works for you. If you like to play sports, do that, if you like to drink, then drink.

I?ve only been really drunk once in my life and I?ve never done drugs.

Maybe try heroin.

I pretend that I?m writing that down.

(He shakes his head) In my case, drinking helps. But you have to find whatever it is that helps you get over it because when you?re actually working, you don?t have the luxury of taking a few weeks off like you did in school. (Again, paraphrasing.)

Yeah, true.

And I was only kidding about the heroin.

I figured.

But the drinking works for me. So I don't know. Maybe go get really drunk and see it that helps.

This is the part where I point out that he is one of the best teachers that I?ve had.

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