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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Monday, January 31, 2005 ::

:: 100 things About Me ::
Here's a list of 100 Random Factoids (not actual facts) about me.

1. I worship Bono and The Edge is a Christ-figure.

2. I sometimes eat peanut butter straight from the jar.

3. Misspellings, grammatical errors, pEoPLe wHo tYpE LikE ThIs, and people who misuse clichés annoy me.

4. but, for whatever reason, people who never capitalize their e-mails don't.

5. Ben & Jerry's Karmel Sutra and Haagen Daaz Macadamia Brittle are my favorite ice creams. I'll eat other stuff though.

6. I think smokers are some of the dirtiest people, the way they fling their butts everywhere.

7. Blogging is a valid excuse to not do homework.

8. It's also a good way to look like you're working hard at the office, especially if you're typing out a lengthy post.

9. Considering how active I am, I'm surprised that I've never broken any bones in my body.

10. I've always done better in English than math and coming from a family like mine, that's cause for disownment.

11. Tomboyish girls are attractive to me because I somehow got it in my head that they're low-maintenance.

12. I own over 50 U2 CDs.

13. I've never tried a cigarette or done any drugs. Except for that one time...

14. I learned to type thanks to IRC.

15. I dont' care what anyone says, I love power ballads.

16. There's still a part of me that wants to drop everything and try being a rock star.

17. My only regrets in life involve women - both of the "If only I..." and "why the hell did I..." variety

18. I've dated blondes, brunettes, and a redhead. Yes she was a real redhead. She showed me.

19. Titanic has to be the most overrated movie. Ever.

20. I'm convinced that if you go back far enough, you'll find Irish or Dutch blood in my family line. This would explain some of my traits.

21. I'd die without caffeine.

22. Four years ago, I weighed 248 pounds. I'm now a svelte 204. Thanks to dating, I'm back up to 220.

23. I saw "Jerry Maguire" six times in the theater.

24. Two types of people I don't have much tolerance for: dumb people that don't know just how dumb they are and overeducated people who love the sound of their own voice.

25. I'm a good cook. I can be a great cook if I had more ingredients, a higher budget, and more counter space.

26. A few of women have used the word "enigma" to describe me. It's not intentional.

27. I once watched SportsCenter reruns for four straight hours.

28. Even though I'm an "artist" I have more favorite writers than I do painters.

29. I don't like being around a large group of people for a long time.

30. The only way to *really* get to know me is to spend time with me one on one. Observation, proximity, and group outings won't get you anywhere.

31. There's something incredibly satisfying about getting a pile of earwax on a q-tip.

32. I realized recently that if I grew up in South Florida, I'd rarely go to South Beach.

33. "Super Size Me" is the most pointless documentary ever.

34. Going to clubs is sometimes both mind-numbingly boring and incredibly headache-inducing.

35. If I could come back as an animal, it'd be as a Peregrine Falcon.

36. My thighs are 27" around at their widest point. My calves are just over 18".

37. For reasons completely lost on me, I know by heart the lyrics to "I don't want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith and I don't even like the song that much.

38. I never want kids. Ever.

39. I really don't care much about my appearance, hence the perpetual scruffiness and ignoring fashion advice from women.

40. I've never celebrated Valentine's Day. Even recently.

41. Despite claiming to be a beer snob, I'll drink anything if it's there and free. Except for Natty Lite.

42. A girl that likes to play or watch sports, laughs at my humor, and can cook is free to walk on the ground I worship.

43. I love the smell of new liner notes, bacon, a fresh can of tennis balls, my guitar, and freesia.

44. I really believe that people who are inordinately picky about the opposite gender are usually the type that has no business even moderately picky. Deep down, they know this and the pickiness is a defense mechanism against rejection.

45. I'm a lot more intuitive/complicated/melancholy than I let on.

46. Macy's once sold Chenille sweaters for men and I almost bought one. That's about the extent of my metrosexual tendencies. (Ok, there may have been other but I'm not telling.)

47. I'm a Christian but I'm not very religious.

48. I like funny words.

49. I can see why women like George Clooney but Freddie Prinze Jr. is completely lost on me.

50. Most people who think they know me really don't. They know things about me. But they don't know me.

51. I once went so long between having sex that I sometimes wondered if they changed it.

52. I've received every grade on the scale from 1st grade to senior year in high school. Mostly because grades meant nothing to me. And I hate studying.

53. Character and loyalty are highly valued.

54. My "type" is a tall, athletically built, brunette with blue eyes. I've yet to date anyone that matches that description.

55. This list was originally called "50 Random Factoids (not actual facts) about Me" but I numbered wrong in the mid-30s and ended up with 54. Now I'm gonna see if I can hit a hundred.

56. I once told myself I'd never do this but I did: get drunk.

57. ...date a fat chick.

58. ...work at a fast food restaurant.

59. ...spend more than a $100 on sunglasses.

60. ...make women cry.

61. ...hang out at bars.

62. My favorite weather is when it's sunny and drizzling at the same time.

63. There's so much homework to be done but I really wanna finish this.

64. New England Clam chowder is the best soup ever.

65. Thinking back on the last few dates I've been on, staying at home and playing my guitar would have been time better spent.

66. I'm a late bloomer.

67. My kid brother is the good looking/smart/athletic one of the family.

68. Taco Bell used to sell 10-Paks of tacos. I've finished those on my own on more than one occasion.

69. ... is fun.

70. I thought about being a therapist but I can't keep a secret. I'll never get tired of that joke.

71. Really, really fat people don't annoy me or anything but I sometimes wonder how they let themselves get like that.

72. No one in Miami knows my birthday. For those that do know it, don't ever throw me a birthday party.

73. The original "Iron Chef" is the unintentionally funniest show ever.

74. I don't really care for candy. I'll eat it if it's there but I'll never go out of my way to buy it.

75. I love flip-flops.

76. I was never surprised at how easy it was for me to move across the country to Miami.

77. I own seven pairs of Oakley sunglasses.

78. I sometimes chew on my own hair.

79. My girlfriend to be really attractive. Which is good because at least one of us should be.

80. I don't take myself too seriously, I don't feel any need to talk myself up, and I'm a fan of self-deprecation. People sometimes mistake these for insecurity.

81. I had a huge crush on Debbie Gibson.

82. I love the way a woman's hair smells at the end of the day, when it's a combination of her conditioner and her natural aroma. Don't ask me why, it's just comforting.

83. For me to move to a city, it must have both a professional baseball and football team.

84. My favorite cuss word is "mother fucker."

85. People who think only in terms of monetary values are pitiable.

86. I can be very emotionally detached at times.

87. I don't really care about the size of a woman's breasts are as long as they're real.

88. You don't want to be around me when I'm angry. I'm a completely different person.

89. There are a lot of people I like but don't respect and vice versa.

90. "Out of Sight" and "Playing by Heart" are vastly underrated movies.

91. That "cool" on the other side of the pillow is just amazing.

92. I have no desire to move back to L.A. anytime soon.

93. I have no idea why lobster is such a big deal to some people. I like it and all but I'd rather spend my money on a rib eye.

94. Most guys take up guitar to try to get chicks. I took up guitar after a breakup to get my mind on something else.

95. Few things make me smile more than a well-poured Guinness.

96. I forgot what my blood type is.

97. I prefer doing things for myself. Getting my own refills, washing my car, cooking for myself, finishing my own sentences.

98. It seems that some girls I've been out with have issues with #97.

99. Parental approval means nothing to me. Sometimes I don't even care what my friends think of me.

100. The sexiest thing my girlfriend could ever wear is my t-shirt.

:: Miscellaneous Ramblings by Dan-E at 11:33 PM [+] :: | 0 comments

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