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:: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 ::

:: Football Pool ::
Even though I haven't been posting my weekly football picks on my blog, I'm still doing it for the "office" pool at the Steakhouse. Two weeks into this already interesting season, I've won two in a row.

Now, I'm not some Football Picks Genius or anything. It's more a reflection of the talent (or lack thereof) I'm going up against. And just plain dumb luck. Last week I went 12-4 and won easily despite picking Oakland to win. Yeah.

This week was a bit more touch and go. Out of the eight early games, I only picked four correctly (Minnesota, New Orleans, you're dead to me). I thought I was out right then and there and didn't really pay attention to the rest of the scores with much interest. Except somehow my SanFran 49ers (pulled out a win against Seattle, a pick no one else made. I went six for six in the afternoon games.

(It wasn't just luck. I picked my 49ers because I honestly thought Seattle was terrible and our defense is underrated and... Who am I kidding. We beat a crappy team by three points in overtime. It was sheer, blind, stupid luck.)

I found out that the pool came down a bartender and me. I like the guy but I really wanted, needed, to beat this guy because he knows absolutely nothing about football. He's one of the guys who thinks soccer is mistakenly called football (foreigners are so cute when they do that). And I could not let this guy beat me. To win I needed Dallas to win and I need the total points to close to 64 (he guessed 25).

No problem. I anticipated a high-scoring shootout. I just need Dallas to win. What killed me is that I had to, for a few hours, root for the fucking Cowboys. And for Terrell Owens. If you've read my blog for a few years, you know how much animosity I have for that idiot. No problem, I was working anyway, and we were lucky to be busy enough that I didn't have to stand around and watch the game. Thanks to a few bonehead plays by Philly, the Cowgirls pulled out a win. Sweet.

Let's see now if I can go three for three.

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