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:: Saturday, November 24, 2007 ::

:: Hitman ::
I've been on an independent and foreign movie kick lately. I've been getting a lot of that from Netflix and I've enjoyed most of them. I enjoy well crafted dramas (Il Postino, Field of Dreams) and thought provoking films (Syriana, City of God) as much as anyone. But if there's one thing for that's a guilty pleasure, it's a big, loud, dumb, action movie.

I had the day off so I went to see a movie. It was either "No Country for Old Men" or "Hitman." I had a long week so I decided on "Hitman." Remember how base and brainless, yet visceral and visually spectacular "300" was? This was pretty much on the same level, except dumbed down even more. I didn't know it was based on a video until I saw it in the opening credits but it makes perfect sense afterwards, with the plot (or lack thereof) and character development (ditto) being what it was. One of the redeeming values of "XXX" was the it didn't take itself seriously at all, but "Hitman" tries to take itself somewhat seriously, which for me, made it even more entertaining, in that it was ripe for unintentional comedy. (Then again, I'm easily amused.)

The plot is decent enough, Timothy Olyphant (his parents must have been Hobbits or something) is just icy enough as the hitman and Dougray Scott is solid as the cop tracking him down. But I have to admit, I enjoyed watching the lovely smokin' hot Olga Kurylenko, who seems to have trouble keeping her clothes on. And when clothed, can't seem to find anything that isn't transparent. The action scenes are all nicely choreographed, and there's a couple of parts where I laughed even though that's probably not what the filmmakers intended.

We're not talking "Citizen Cane" here. But if you had a long week and want to fantasize about being putting a hit out some bad people, you could do a lot worse than "Hitman."

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