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:: Friday, May 25, 2007 ::

:: Pirates!!! ::
I had a Friday night off so I went to see "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End." This isn't a traditional review in that I'll pore over minute details of the movie. Instead, I have to point out the virtue of cargo pants.

Let me explain.

I saw an early screening but to make it to the last 3:00 matinee, I missed lunch. I could have gotten some food at the theater, but I'm not big on popcorn and I don't like spending $5 on a hotdog and $6 on nachos (even though I love them despite the fact that the stale chips are accompanied by a goopy, yellow, cheese-like paste - you'll never convince me that there's any actual cheese in there - they're freakishly enjoyable if you toss in a few jalapenos). There's a McDonald's on the way and I stopped by beforehand, and thanks to the cargo pants, I snuck in two double bacon cheeseburgers and some fries, and no grease splatter or runaway condiments ruined my pants.

Back to the movie. If you like the first two "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, you'll more than likely enjoy "World's End." Not to say it didn't have its problems: like many trilogies, the 3rd movie is usually the weakest (Return of the Jedi, Alien 3, The Godfather III) this was no exception. There's plot holes Barry Bonds could poke his head through, several underdeveloped characters and a couple of moments where you find yourself saying "wait, that's it?" However, Johnny Depp is still great as Captain Jack Sparrow, Legolas and the Skinny British Chick are good eye candy, and the special effects are really cool. It was almost three hours but it goes by fast. Overall it's an entertaining diversion if you have three hours to kill.

Word of note, it is a three hour movie so be sure to drain your bladder. Also, if you have craving for some rum after watching this movie, go out and buy a jug of this stuff. I have a bottle at home and it's phenomenal.

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