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:: Saturday, April 17, 2010 ::

:: That Wasn't there Before ::
One of my co-workers invited me to her place for a wine tasting/dinner party at her place last week. We both share a love of good wine and since Lynn is studying to be a sommelier (where as I just like drinking the stuff) we became friends through the many conversations at work about wines.

Her husband, K, is also a wine connoisseur and sports a rather impressive collection at their place. The first hour or two involved some tasting and discussion, along with some pretty good food. After a few bottles tasting and discussion became drinking and loud talking. We somehow managed to polish off a double magnum (4 liters) of sparkling wine along with quite a few bottles of whites (there were a few reds in there though I can't recall clearly).

Through it all I remained fairly sober right up until a latecomer showed up with a bottle of 23-year old rum. Knowing my love of scotch, K also broke out a bottle of Macallan 12. "Neither of us drink whiskey," he stated as he handed me the unopened bottle. "So go nuts."

"Sure, twist my arm."

I only had one (rather large) glass after which I started getting a pretty good buzz. Still, none of us didn't get drunk until K had the bright idea of heading over to a nearby bar. A round of shots and a glass of bourbon later, we stumbled back to their place, after which I grabbed my stuff and somehow made it back home.

I was fine the next morning, though Lynn seemed somewhat tired that night at work. When I return home after work, I head to my liquor cabinet to pour myself a drink when I noticed a new, barely-drank bottle of Macallan 12.

Umm, shit. Did I steal that?

I quickly send Lynn a text; "Um... I may have accidentally stolen a bottle of Macallan last night."

A few minutes later: "I told you to take it. We don't drink scotch :)"

"Oh, good. By the way, thanks."

I'm thinking I need to attend these wine tastings more often.

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