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:: Monday, August 10, 2009 ::

:: I'm not an Alkie ::
... I'm not a drunk either. At least not at this moment.

I like joking about being a drunk sometimes but compared to many of my friends whose topics of discussions sometimes contain references to D.U.I.s and "blacking out," I'm a Monk.

(Okay, bad example.)

But granted I occasionally have my own reasons for concern. Not so much that my 215lbs can absorb a freakish amount of alcohol. I do go through my share of beer (and the occasional bottle of wine) but every now and then I wonder if I should be going through whisk[e]y as quickly as I do.

I usually buy whisk[e]y by the 1.75ltr bottles when they're on sale at the local liquor store (be it Jack Daniels, Wild Turkey, Jameson's, etc) but it takes a while for me go through. I don't drink it daily, and I can often go months without touching my "good stuff" but when I do drink some Jack or Turkey, I might go through a large amount in one night.

Well, there's a few reasons that might be bad: if you have a long day where you feel like you just got the shit kicked out of you, you need more than "a drink". Also, my favorite whiskey glass has a slight snifter-like curve in it towards the top so it's almost acts like a functional "tasting glass" (despite the fact that I own an actual whiskey tasting glass, and yes, it makes a difference.) I do the standard "two finger pour" with a couple of ice cubes.

It may seem okay but here's the thing: I have thick fingers, so my two-finger pour tends to be more than most guy's two-finger pour. Also, my favorite glass has a rather wide base, so my two-finger pour in my favorite glass tends to be greater than the typical two or three ounce pour you might get at a bar. It's also a problem if you have three or four in a night (umm, such as like, right now).

So I should be a lot more drunk than I am now but I'm not (this shit's 90 proof for crying out loud, and I also had some beer). Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't go for a drive at all (if I owned a car, or for that matter had anywhere to go) but at the same time, I can't honestly confirm if I'm actually drunk. I'm not making any more typos on this post than normal and I can still walk from here to the bathroom or kitchen without bumping into things or knocking something over. SportsCenter highlights still make prefect sense. This post is still rather coherent and I know better than to make some phone calls or send texts right now.

Then again, I think what keeps from being a raging alkie is the simple fact that my palate can't tolerate cheap crap. I'm not an alcoholic, not just because I'm not trying hard enough, but because my budget won't allow it.

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