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:: Tuesday, February 03, 2009 ::

:: Super Bowl XLIII Recap ::
Almost had it. For two minutes and two seconds I looked like a genius. When I made my pick I wrote, "Since I'm not putting any money on the game, I'm going with Arizona: 23-20." Right there, in the fourth quarter, with 2:47 left on the clock Kurt Warner threw a perfect pass to Larry Fitzgerald, who ran a quick slant and shot up the middle, torching the secondary. After the extra point, the score was 23-20.

With that much time on the clock, anything could happen so I kept my self-high-fives to myself (and because the other people at the bar would have looked at me funny). After all I remembered something else I wrote while listing the reason why they might lose; "...and let's face it; they're the Arizona Cardinals."

As if trying to prove me wrong right after proving me right, they revert back to form. Now, nobody thought that the Arizona offense would stay dormant for long, though no one thought they would do all their work in the 4th quarter. Certainly no one thought they would put up the defensive display that they did. It could have been a blowout but they held Pittsburgh with some impressive goal-line stands, and even forcing a safety by inducing a holding call.

So I guess no one was surprised when QB Big Ben guided his team up the field with an 8-play drive while eluding blitzes and tackles with a series of moves and jukes, somehow keeping the play alive, and managing to look like a tall, unathletic (no it's not a real word) white guy in the process. (Seriously, every time red jerseys surrounded him, he somehow managed to stay on his feet, scrambled away, and looked like he was about to trip even though he was upright. He may look unathletic but Big Ben's got some skills.) As elusive as he was, Arizona missed a lot of tackles and their secondary left too many openings.

You know the rest. 0:29 left and Arizona faltered (though they were at the Pittsburgh 43-yard line; I would loved to have seen what might have happened if Kurt Warner made that Hail Mary anywhere within Fitz's range. Catch or no catch that would have been one hell of a finish). Game, set match Pittsburgh wins.

I can't complain. I even told my brother that I thought the Steelers would win but I'm going to root for the Cards anyway. But like any Super Bowl that doesn't involve my 49ers all I was really rooting for was a good game. It was a great game. Besides, I've been to Pittsburgh and I liked the city. I wouldn’t want to live there but I could think of worse places to visit for a few days, especially if it involves attending a sporting event.

And you know me, I'm going to like any city where their signature food item is a giant sandwich.

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