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:: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 ::

:: Server Stories: Christmas Party ::
Sunday night was our company Christmas party. It wasn't just a party for our restaurant; being part of a corporation, we combined our party with that of the restaurant just across the street. There was potential for partying it up with people I've never met (especially considering the stories I've heard about past Christmas parties) but for the most part, I was just there for the free beer and free food.

I mean, free beer and free food. Can't beat it, right? And at least they did quite well with the latter when the cooks came out with a whole roasted pig. They had other stuff like nachos, paella, and yuca (which I love) but there's few things I like eating more than whole roasted pig (not surprisingly, they're other food items). I was one of the first in line, of course.

My co-worker was right behind me, but she didn't know about my penchant towards weird food. When I got up to guy slicing up the whole pig, I asked for parts of the pork belly, skin, and one of the pig ears. The moment I said "ear" she smacked me on the arm and exclaimed, "oh my God, really? EEWWW!" Whatever. The guy carving the pig gave me a knowing smile and said, "muy bueno, señor." It was delicious.

I went back for seconds and the guy asked, "amigo, te gusta cabeza de puerco?" "Si, señor." I wanted the tongue but some food freak already got to it so I settled for a hind leg and half a skull. When I came back with my plate I freaked out my former floor manager, his fiancé, two co-workers, and some chick who was drawn to my long hair. Whatever. Like gnawing on a pig's leg is any different from gnawing on a turkey leg. It was delicious.

As for the booze, it was limited to beer (cheap, fizzy, yellow crap out of a keg) and wine (cheap shit that you might find at Denny's) so my hopes of doing tequila shots with co-workers were dashed (they wouldn't allow keg stands either). As it was, my hopes of a drunken make-out session with one of the cute hostesses never happened either since I just couldn't get drunk. (It's impossible for me to get even a buzz off of beer unless I drink the strong Belgian or German stuff and even then I need to drink on an empty stomach.) Sometimes, having a high tolerance sucks.

The party itself was okay. There was mingling, some bad uncoordinated-white-guy dancing (possibly by me), and way-off-tune karaoke (definitely not me) and some lame attempts at drinking contests. It was relatively mild in contrast to some of the stories I heard from past Christmas parties where there were drunken hook-ups, fights, and drinking games. But I had fun, and I got to eat a pig's head. It's not every day you can say that.

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