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:: Saturday, September 06, 2008 ::

:: Server Stories: Bottle Service ::
Maybe it's because I'm not a clubber and don't earn a six-figure salary but I think bottle service is a huge waste of money. $240 on a bottle of vodka that I can get for $26 at the liquor store? No thanks, even if I'm splitting between six people.

But if you're with friends and you plan on getting drunk it sort of makes sense. For example, a shot of top-shelf vodka would cost you about $15 at your average South Beach club or restaurant. A martini upcharge is usually around $2. Inebriation usually takes place around the third to fifth shot, depending on your tolerance (and if you're doing other drugs). That's anywhere from $45 to $60 not including tip. But if you're with other vodka drinkers, it'll probably cost less per person and the 1 liter bottle will probably provide a bit more booze overall.

As a waiter, cocktail server, or bartender, you love to sell this because once you set up the person with the bottle, ice, and mixers (juice, soda, coke, etc.) your job is pretty much done since it's up to the customer to pour themselves a glass with however much ice and mixers as they see fit.

I sold my first bottle - Johnnie Walker Black Label - last night to an eight top of hip, young Latins on top of the all the food they ordered. Working at a pool house (where the night's tips are collected into a pool and distributed proportionately among the floor staff), everyone else was giving me high fives or "good job" slaps on the back.

Now, JW Black is a scotch I enjoy quite a bit and being a drunk connoisseur fanatic, I drink whiskey neat, in a snifter with nothing but a few drops of water, or at most a couple of ice cubes. So I shook my head when I saw that these guys were filling their tumblers to the brim with ice, and then watering it down with, well, water. But hey, if you want to overpay for a good scotch only to dilute it to a bland, savorless liquid, that's your business.

How much exactly? $275, not including tax and tip. Last weekend I paid $28 for my bottle. Granted, they drank a 1-liter bottle while mine was a mere 750ml. But at least I don't have to share mine with five other guys.

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