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:: Thursday, May 01, 2008 ::

:: Flake ::
Remember how I said that The Hostess was out of the picture? Guess who I ran into after work at Geno's Pizza last weekend? She was coming home from some club and stood in line behind me. We chatted briefly and while I was cordial, she was a bit tipsy. I stayed distant but she was her loquacious self. She said she missed me and asked why haven't called. Because you're a flake and I'm tired of that shit. "I've been busy."

She asked, almost begged me to call her and hang out. Maybe it's because I was getting off at 2am and tired but I agreed. My only day off was Wednesday and that's my tennis night. I could always play another night but I told her we could meet up after I'm done playing since my gut feeling said she'd bail on me.

Turns out I was right.

No big deal. I did what I was going to do anyway but I was still annoyed. I don't have much in the way of expectations from her. She's fun to hang with but I never considered her dating material since she smokes, is a little immature for her age, and quite frankly, I probably deserve better. But I did enjoy her company and it would have been nice to hang out.

(Full disclosure, the only reason I gave her another shot is because she's a cute brunette with blue eyes. I'm pathetic.)

I remember trying to date back when I was younger and having with deal with this shit then but is this what women are like when they're in their 20s?. I felt like going off her but instead I just let it go. Is this how women are at that age? Or have I just been getting bad cards?

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