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:: Tuesday, April 22, 2008 ::

:: Server Stories: More Drugs ::
It's not exactly a secret within the service industry that a good number of its employees do drugs regularly. And from what I've heard, people who work in Miami take things to a new level. And it doesn't always involve this guy I used to work with. Stuff like that is mild compared to other stuff I've heard and seen.

Remember the post about Jed? Virtually everyone knows that he's a cokehead (and a drunk, many of his stories involve drunkenness and/or hard drugs) and it's not like he tries hard to hide it either, as he often beings stories with "I was snorting some coke one night..." or "I was smoking a joint..."

Last week while he was managing I was chatting with the hostess (not The Hostess, just the hostess that works here) just before closing. Jed approaches me and asks quietly, "Dan-E, quick yes or no: do you have $40 I can borrow until tomorrow?" I do a quick mental inventory: I have $7 in my wallet and I all my customers paid with credit cards. No. "Okay thanks."

Two days later, it's again almost closing. I drop off some empty glasses in the kitchen and as I walk back to my tables, Jed comes up behind me. "Hey Dan-E, do you have a dollar bill I can borrow?" Not one dollar. A dollar bill. "Let me check." I grab my wallet and open it up. I have four singles. I hand one over and his face lights up. "Thanks, brother." "Any time. Just... I don't need to know what you're going to do with it." He laughs and walks off.

Two days ago, the GM tells us during pre-shift how he found a straw upstairs and Antonio found an empty baggy somewhere else on the floor. I was upstairs doing my paperwork when he found the straw under the napkins. I knew right when he picked it up what it was. There's drink straws and there's those skinny cocktail straws. This thing was cut down to about the size of an average pinky. I guess my reputation as a clean-cut guy reached the higher-ups since he never once questioned me. I wasn't there when the baggy was found.

The GM went into this spiel about "what you do at your time is your business but here at work..." but I tuned out and started trying to figure out whom it might be. Jed was too obvious. There were a few others but I wasn't sure. Either way, I found the whole thing incredibly amusing. I wasn't the only one since the moment the managers got out of earshot we started joking about it. "Didn't Jed have the night off?" Hey Todd, stop leaving your shit all over the floor." I chimed in, "next time one of you guys drop a bag, make sure you leave something, alright?" Everyone laughs. "You know the only reason they're mad is because you're not sharing and they probably needed a bump."

It was funny. Not so much that I'm hilarious or anything but because that last sentence just might be true.

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