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:: Monday, March 24, 2008 ::

:: Caught in the Rain ::
It's been raining all weekend here. I managed to drag my lazy ass out of bed yesterday morning and get in some tennis, just before it started up. It was still raining this morning but I felt oddly agitated and restless so when there was a break in the rain, I went for run. There was still a light off-and-on drizzle but it was fine. I did my usual of jog to the track and ran the bleachers.

I was doing a cool-down lap when it started coming down. I've been caught in the rain before and I usually duck under something because, well, I needed a breather. Today? I don't know why, but I kept going. Honestly, it felt great and I got a second wind. It almost felt like the crap from the last two or three months of my life were being rinsed away.

And it's true in some sense.

I don't hate going to work. I've lost weight. I now wake up well before noon even though there's no lunch shift to work.

Most of my new co-workers are pretty cool. At the last place I couldn't stand half of the waitstaff. There were maybe only three people I would consider friends.

I feel like I have more energy. Maybe it's the challenge of learning something new. Or maybe it's being in a new environment. More likely, being fired from a place I didn't like anyway gave me that wake-up kick in the ass that I so badly needed.

I see things more clearly.

It rained harder and harder as I ran. By the time I got home, my clothes were drenched and my shoes were making that squishing noise. I'm normally out of breath when I get to my apartment but I felt okay this time. I stretch, chug some water, take a hot shower and cook up a bowl of oatmeal. There really was something cleansing about running in that rain. It's something I need more of.

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