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:: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 ::

:: Job Search: Day 12 ::
To follow up yesterday's post, I get to today's interview on time and the H.R. lady tells me that the people are in a meeting and if I could wait for about thirty minutes. Great, more waiting. I say sure, and she offers me a cup of coffee, which I gladly accept. I go to the lobby and sit for a couple of minutes before I walk outside to grab a newspaper while I wait. About forty minutes later, an older guy walks up and introduces himself. He's one of the restaurant managers.

We sit down and talk. He tells me more about the restaurant and asks if I have any questions. I rack my brain trying to come up with something intelligent to ask, since I already asked quite a few questions two days ago. I inquire about employee culture, service etiquette, business volume, and anything else that might sound remotely perspicacious. This interview is a lot shorter than the other two and he tells me that someone will call within the day. Cool. I think.

I got home a little while ago and when I checked my email, there's one from the hotel. That was fast. I click it open and this part stands out:

"After careful consideration of your application, we regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position."

Oh. Ummm... Fuck. I call the hotel and ask for the H.R. director. I cordially ask her why I was turned down. "You lacked the enthusiasm and motivation we were looking for." Huh? "We're looking for someone who displays a little more enthusiasm and the desire to work here." It had nothing to do with my work experience, my work history; it wasn't because you called my old place and found out I was fired, or my references didn't give me a glowing enough recommendation... you turned me down because I'm not enthusiastic enough?! "I see. If you don't mind giving me a little advice, what could I have done exactly to make you think differently?" I ask. "You just needed to show more enthusiasm and energy." So I should have drank more coffee before the interviews? I have this weird feeling that there's something else and she either can't or won't tell me, but why not? I'm been nothing but professional and cordial this whole time, and I'm asking for advice, why hold back? "Well, thanks anyway. I appreciate your time."

After I hang up, I put my heads in my hands and let loose a pretty loud roar. I pound my desk a few times. My cat freaks out and runs into the closet. Every interview I've ever been to, I always try to pass myself off as amicable and professional. If anyone ever asks me to point out my strengths, one of the things I mention is that I'm even-tempered and have a generally relaxed personality. It never once occurred that it might work against me. I have a good work history, my references are solid, I dressed fairly professionally, I possess a resume and a coverletter (and my own pen), I have a firm handshake, I maintain eye contact during interviews, and I don't do drugs. But that's not enough.

Then again, I did write yesterday that I had the feeling that the hotel job might bore me. Maybe that got conveyed unintentionally. When informed of my earning potential, which was a bit less than I'm used to, I may have had a negative reaction that I didn't realize. I do remember asking several questions about picking up night or bartending shifts as a way to show I can do more that just wait tables, but they might have taken that as a lack of desire to work in the morning. Maybe it's because I didn't sleep well last night. I'm not outgoing, and I'm not the most outwardly expressive person. To be completely honest, this has been a point of contention with a few people in the past, including my former employers. I don't know.

At least I don't have to cut my hair.

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