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:: Thursday, November 29, 2007 ::

:: Cowboys vs. Packers Week 13 Game Diary ::
So once again, I'm at Dewey's for another Football Game Diary. This should be a good game, with two teams that have potent offenses and solid defenses. There's also the Brett Favre vs. his heir apparent, Tony Romo. They both make these ridiculous plays off that no other quarterback seems to be able to make. Both teams are 10-1, both lead their divisions and both are considered the class of the NFC. Finally, both teams at one point or another beat my 49ers in the playoffs repeatedly during the 90s so I have a certain competitive animosity towards them. I just wanna see a good football game, though if you put a gun to my head, I’d have to pick Green Bay just because I hate them less.

8:24 Favre throws a rope to his receiver who catches it two inches off the turf. You hear about analysts touting a quarterback's ability to put the ball where only his guy can make the play but Favre makes throws where even his own guy can barely get to it.

8:28: Field goal. Green Bay up 3-0.

8:29: Dallas has the ball. It’s no secret that Romo grew up idolizing Favre. Let's see now if he can play while completely starstruck.

8:31: High throw to Owens and Green Bay cornerback Al Harris rips the ball from the his hands. Looks like it happened out of bounds. Green Bay challenge.

8:36: Nope. Dallas ball. Play continues and they finish with a field goal.

8:43: Green Bay starts with a run up the middle and the running back gets clobbered by Dallas safety Roy Williams. This guy is brutal. It's not just that he's a hard hitter; he also forced the NFL to adopt a rule change preventing horse-collar tackle (the "Roy Williams rule") because he broke too many ankles. Someone you want on your side, yes?

8:46: Like last time, I ' hear the commentary but whoever fed the jukebox loves Metallica so at least the music is good. And somewhat appropriate. I just need someone to play "For those About to Rock" by AC/DC and we're golden.

8:49: The first few running plays by Dallas were with Julius Jones. Last year, he accused Bill Parcells of "not utilizing his skillz properly" or something to that effect. He had the chances to be the started lost it Marion Barber. So clearly, it's not the fault of the previous coach, he just sucks ass. And I'm not just saying that because he killed my fantasy team last year.

8:51: Terrell "Alligator-Arms" Owens just dropped a very catchable, short pass that could have given Dallas 1st Down. My manager, who's a lifelong Cowboys fan, has this love-hate thing with Owens and I can imagine him shouting at his TV right now.

8:53: Field goal Dallas. I just noticed that the referees are wearing black pants. Anyone know what's up with that? Ref uniforms just don't look good with black pants.

8:54: Was I just talking about clothes there? Sorry about that, gay moment over. Back to the game.

8:56: Oops. Favre just threw a pick. They showed a stat that says this is his first INT is 139 attempts. Remember a couple of seasons ago when it seemed like Favre threw that many INTs in one season and everyone was saying he should retire? Good times.

8:58: Touchdown Dallas; Romo to wide receiver Patrick Crayton. So far, no evidence of Favre-worship. If this was last season, Owens would be throwing a hissy fit that the pass wasn’t to him.

9:05: Green Bay runs Ryan Gant (who?) up the middle and scores a TD. See what happens when you incorporate a running game?

9:13: Another touchdown pass to Anthony Fasano (gee, you think maybe he's Italian?). If this was last season, Owens would be throwing a hissy fit that the pass wasn't to him.

9:17: Deion Sanders is doing sideline reporting, except he's not talking directly into the camera. He's wandering around, talking with his hands, while staring off into space. Apparently the NFL Network thinks this is good idea. I guess that's one benefit about having the sound off.

9:24: You're not going to believe this but Favre just threw another interception. Would this be a good time to mention that Favre has NEVER won a game at Dallas?

9:26: Romo throws another TD to Fasano, except when he falls it the ball rolls loose. Did he have possession or did the ground knock it loose? Green Bay challenges and... no good. Fasano never had possession.

9:29: No problem, short pass of Owens, and this time he manages to hold on. I hate him. I really, really hate him.

9:33: Favre got up clutching his right arm the last time he got sacked so now Aaron Rodgers is in.

9:34: ...and he nearly gets picked off throwing into double coverage.

9:36: ...then he overthrows a short pass to the running back. All that time apprenticing under Brett Favre is clearly paying off.

9:40: Romo slings it out deep to Owens, who has to slow down to get it, while cornerback Al Harris keeps running. Hey Al? This isn't a track meet. So far Dallas has been maintaining constant pressure on the Quarterback. Romo has been knocked down but he's had a lot more time in the pocket. Second series in a row that Rodgers is in.

9:44: I wonder how serious Favre's injury is. They just showed him on the sideline. There’s no splint or tape on his arm but he's still holding it. Back on the field, the kid is doing well on this series. No risky throws, some accurate short passes, and they're now at Dallas' 20.

9:53: Short pass to Greg Jennings, who jukes and weaves his way to the Endzone. 27-17 Dallas.

9:56: 31 seconds left and Dallas kneels to take it into Halftime. Important stats:
Favre: 5/14, 56 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT. Rodgers: 5/8, 69 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT
Romo: 9/15, 197 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT

Green Bay: 90 yards, 1 TD
Dallas: 39 yards

Green Bay started off with the short pass/run attack and everything fell apart when Favre reverted back to 2005 form by chucking the ball deep. Going back to the game plan with Rodgers resulted in a touchdown. Defensively, neither team has any sacks but Dallas has been far better at pressuring the passer, while Green Bay has done a pretty good job and holding the running backs, although their defensive backs have been vulnerable. On the plus side, they’ve held Terrell Owens to only 147 yards and 1 TD so there's hope.

10:10: And we're back. Favre is still out with what looks like an injured elbow.

10:22: Green Bay is back to the short passing game. The longest throw by Rodgers so far is about 12 yards, but it seems to be working. He's mobile enough to make some plays with his feet if there's nothing open.

10:27: 3rd and goal, and Ryan Grant (seriously, who?) punches it in for a TD. 27-24. Considering the turnovers and how relatively easily Dallas is moving the ball, the score should be higher.

10:30 That reminds me, I remember after they got bitchslapped by New England how Dallas Coach Wade Phillips said afterwards that the game plan was to "stop the running game and make Tom Brady beat us." It wasn't a great idea in retrospect, and it wasn't even a great idea to begin with. Brady's been an elite quarterback for years now and you want to make him beat you? THAT'S your game plan? It's like someone saying "we're going to walk Kevin Youkilis and make Big Papi beat us." Or "we’re going to stop Scotty Pippen and force Michael Jordan to make the shots."

10:45 I just saw Harris knock Owens down on his back, then move to tackle Barber. Don't ask me why, that just made me smile.

10:49: You have to see this play to believe it: Perfectly placed short pass to a WIDE OPEN Owens in the Endzone, and he bobbles it! Not only did he bobble it, he somehow batted it away from himself, the ball goes flying into the hands of Harris. INT, and a touchback. The ball was in his hands; enough that he virtually cradled it. The every day equivalent would be if you asked me to pass the salt and I came up to you, gently placed a salt shaker in your hands, you wrap your fingers around it, and yet somehow it still ends up on the floor and makes a mess, causing seven years of bad luck. I find myself smiling yet again. I can't prove it but I think my manager just threw his glass at the TV.

10:56: ...and after all that, Green Bay punts.

10:57: Like the last time I did this, I ordered the chicken fingers. I really wanted a burger but Dewey's burgers are big, greasy, and kinda messy (in other words, perfect) and I didn't want grease all over my keyboard. Of course the chicken fingers are a little greasy too but they're more manageable than a one-pound bacon cheeseburger. Yes, I thought this all out.

11:04: Romo throws a deep bomb and gets a pass interference call, putting them at the 2-yard line. Pass to Crayton, touchdown, 34-24 Dallas.

11:13: Rodgers is having an amazing game considering this is the longest time stretch of time he’s ever played since he got drafted. Again, he's not doing anything spectacular but he's moving the ball, running around to buy time, and not making mistakes. He led the team to another scoring drive, 34-27.

11:17: I just saw 6-1, 188lb Al Harris try to take down 6-5, 265lb Jason Witten and it made me laugh. You had to be there.

11:26: 1:51 left in the game and Dallas is running with Marion Barber to eat up the clock. They manage a field goal and lead 37-27. 1:03 left in the game.

11:30: Favre is out for the night. I wonder how serious his elbow injury is? Is his consecutive games streak going to come to an end?

11:33: Too bad, Rodgers starts out with a couple of completions only to have the next couple dropped by his receivers. Turnover on downs, Dallas kneels, and they win 37-27.

The Cowboys will probably end up with home field advantage once the playoffs start but as it stands now, New England is still the team to beat, and neither team seems like they have the overall game to beat the Patriots.

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