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:: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 ::

:: I Love Baseball ::
If you'd like to see an early nominee for Sports Headline of the Year, check this out. Yeah, I laughed for a solid minute or so when I read it.

(By the way, I graduated high school in 1992.)

I'm also linking to this great blog written by Alyssa Milano. (Yeah, that one.) I'm not just linking to her because she's hot (honest), not because she's some trendy L.A. girl that loves the local teams (she isn't, not that there's anything wrong with that), or even that she's obviously a diehard Dodger fan that inherited her fandom from her father (ok, maybe a little), but because this chick obviously loves baseball. (That and I've had a small crush on her ever since my balls dropped - so it's been at least five years - I'm a late bloomer - but whatever.)

While I'm not surprised to discover that she's a Dodger fan, I'm almost shocked at her insightful commentary, ("...I love that Brady Clark can come off the bench and hit like he's been playing every day. But...why was Lieberthal batting cleanup? Is that some Moneyball thing?" And there's also "Love it or hate it, this is our team. Our outfield, our manager, our LOB #’s, our lack of power. It’s all ours.") tormented-fan griping ("...Base running fundamentals? What’s going on with our base running? ...To anyone that was watching on TV -- did Nomar look safe trying to steal second? He looked safe to me from the stands. ...Power bat please? ...Anyone else stressed right now?") and glorious SanFran Giants-bashing ("Anyone else naively think last night's game was a shoe-in because the Gnats sat Vizquel, Roberts and Klesko? I know I did." And "Hi. Wow. Okay. Last night, I threw up in my mouth a little when Bonds hit that home run.") She calls them the "Gnats." That's so adorably awesome, I could eat her out. Up. I meant up. Let's move on.

And I love her unique, woman's perspective on being a long-suffering Dodger fan ("It's easy for even the most optimistic to get negative after watching yesterday's game, to see the specific flaws instead of the whole picture [kind of like when you look in the mirror and only see the zit on your chin even though it takes up a miniscule part of your whole freaking face]. But I am going to make a conscious decision to stay positive, at least for the time being...") It's been a good fourteen years or so since I stopped worrying about my complexion so while I've also noticed those flaws, it's amusing to read how a flawed lineup is analagous to a zit on a woman's face.

Oh, and then there's this photo.

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