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:: Friday, April 27, 2007 ::

:: So much for that ::
I've been pretty good at sticking to my diet since last December and I've gotten my weight down to a reasonable 210. This despite the fact that my beer consumption has remained fairly steady. And it's not like I've been drinking that Miller Lite crap either; my view on beer is that if you're gonna have it, don't do that nasty "lite" shit and stick to the good stuff (I also apply that philosophy to ice cream and bacon).

I've been wondering how much more weight I'd lose if I just stop, or at least cut back on drinking beer. I'm not Irish but I seem to have that Irish gene where people can tell how healthy I am by how puffy my big, fat head is (I didn't know it was a distinctly Irish trait until I heard Conan O'Brian mention it on his show. Not only that, a friend who used to work at my favorite bar is 100% Irish and I noticed that his face now sports cheekbones and a jawline, now that he works elsewhere and stopped drinking all that stout. When I think about it, I must have some Irish blood since there's no other way I could drink that much Guinness and Jameson's in one night without getting drunk or even getting a hangover. Ok, I'm babbling again.) Even my parents can tell if I've gained or lost weight, just by looking at my face, even if my waistline hasn't budged.

So while I've been able to fit into my old shirts again, I have noticed that my face is looking perpetually bloated. I'm not quite at the point where I look like I'm storing nuts for winter but if I can notice, I probably need to do something about it. In order to stop looking like a chipmunk, my plan was to stop buying beer at the store and limit my consumption to whenever I go out. Which is fine since I don't go out more than twice a week. Tops.

Easier said than done, since I went grocery shopping today and found this stuff at the local Publix. Now, I've had these beers before (many times) but forwhatever reason, I just couldn't stop myself from picking up a couple of bottles (one blue, one red). It's not that I don't have any will power or anything (I've only had pizza twice this year and that's hard for a guy who loves pizza as much as I do. And I pass by at least five different pizza places walking to and from work everyday and it's not like I'm never tempted to buy a slice to go.) but I swear those bottles had my name embossed on them.

At least it's only two bottles.

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