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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Thursday, September 10, 2009 ::

:: Conversation ::
It's the dog days of summer in the service industry in Miami. Since July, I've only had one week where I didn't work six days and a couple of those weeks involved picking up doubles for people who called in "sick." It might seem ironic that I'm working more when business is slow but it's the only way to make any money and there are always people willing to take a day off if there are only twenty reservations on the books.

A few of us at work were talking about wines and the topic turned to what our favorite drink is and what we would pair it with. There was a myriad of responses from a simple gin and tonic to Long Island Iced Teas. Parings ranged from cheese or sushi to "another one." My answer was, "my favorite scotch: Lagavulin 16 Year Old neat, water back."

"What would you pair it with?"

Without really thinking, almost instinctively my reply was "Good conversation with an attractive woman," almost under my breath, more to myself than anyone.

I haven't had much of a social life in that time other than post-shift beers at the local bar with co-workers, and the occasional non-date with one colleage who bears an uncanny resemblance to Kate Winslet. We work well together and she's one of maybe three out of the entire waitstaff that I can trust to get things done. But I don't like her that way; we're just friends (no benefits, but I also have my own reasons for not pursuing that path). All I know is that we always have fun when we hang out.

It's the conversation. She gives great conversation. No mention of any fledging acting or modeling careers, trying to get into some some chic new club, or some trite personal drama that's only worth a mention in her world. It always flows easily, topics are interesting, laughs are frequent, and there's few in any dead spots in the evening. She has this low-maintenance, goofball personality that some guys might find unrefined. I consider it charming. She even possesses the mature self-awareness to avoid those types of guys.

Of course, she has minor flaws. She smokes, drinks Miller LIte (yuck) and Heineken (bleh, though she does abhor White Zinfandel, which is always a plus), and she has a muffin top to match my spare tire. But that's nitpicking and I wouldn't change a thing about her. Look, we don't go out on dates; there's no romantic chemistry of any sort, but if they were dates they're more personally fulfilling than any real dates I've been on this year. Maybe it's me or maybe it's living in South Beach but something as simple as a woman who's good for conversation shouldn't be this difficult to find.

Or maybe it's me. I'm not an extrovert. When I talk I tend to be economical with my words so while I usually don't carry a conversation I can more than hold up my end. But as is always the case, and more in my case than others, some get me some don't. Kate luckily, gets me.

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