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:: Monday, June 01, 2009 ::

:: Cryin' ::
I was making small talk with the girl from my that date the other night. She was wearing this gold tank top and I started poking fun at her for it by pretending she was an awards statue.

She thought it was funny at first but later told me that she sometimes practices her award-winning speech in front of the mirror. Did I mention before that she's trying to be an actress? Now, I haven't dated a lot of actresses so I don't know if this is a common thing or not but I didn't find it too odd. And being friends with sports fans, my friends and I do, on occasion after a few drinks, make fun of the typical athletes' celebratory speech or post-game interview.

"I wanna thank my Lord and Savior..."

"We all gave a 110%..."

"They really brought their A-game..."

"No comment."

I mentioned this and she suddenly got serious, saying it's not a joke to her saying it's her dream to make it big. Okay, that's fine and all but lighten up a little? This is where it got a little odd for me. She then said she occasionally cries while she practices this speech.


I like to get into character when I do it, she says.

Is it wrong of me that I wanted to start laughing? Or am I just being an asshole? Rhetorical question. Far be it for me to poke fun at someone's hopes and dreams (especially for the unjaded few I meet in MIami that still have hopes and dreams) but, I don't know, making yourself cry like that just seems a little odd. Like said, I haven't dated a lot of actresses.

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