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:: Friday, April 03, 2009 ::

:: Butcher Buddy ::
I haven't been able indulge in my love or red meat much the last couple of months since that time has been spent either briefly unemployed or training for the new job. I haven't been starving or anything but my budget dictated some degree of parsimony in my grocery budget so every trip to Publix involved a concerted effort to avoid the meat case, lest I find myself tempted into an unnecessary purchase.

Now that we've been open for about three weeks and we're starting to make some money, it seemed only proper to reacquaint myself with the steak display and luckily enough, they had bone-in rib eyes on sale for $6.99/lb. As usual, I skip the packaged cuts on the shelf and pick out a well-marbled 36oz cut from the display case. As I turn around one of the butchers waves to me.

"How you been? I haven't seen you in a while."

Despite the fact that I used to stop by at least once a week, it's still a little surprising that he'd both recognize me and take the time to say "hi."

"I've been, umm, busy lately. How've you been?"

"Pretty good. Did you get the rib eye?"


"Bone in?" (If you're curious, butchers and foodies typically favor steaks with the bone still attached since it does two things: It maintains the flavor of the meat and the bone acts as a heat conductor, which results in more even cooking. This is why porterhouse steaks, T-bones, and rib cuts are so flavorful.)

"Of course."

I show him my steak. "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. The way you cook it, it's gonna be like buttah. It's too bad you weren't here couple of weeks ago. We got a couple of cases of bone-in New York Strip."

"Really? Here?" (This is a less common cut that you only see in very high-end steakhouses, and almost never in a typical grocery store.)

"Hell yeah! I was looking for you too. I know you like those thicker cuts and I was gonna save you some."

I decided at that point that I needed to become this guy's friend.

"Dude, that would have been sweet" (Unfortunately, I really do talk like that sometimes.)

He goes on about other stuff they get on occasion. We talk more and I finally ask him his name... just before I notice his name tag. Just before I leave, he tells me when he works and that he'll definitely let me know when the "good stuff" is in stock.

I always thought it was good to be on a first name basis with the bartender at your favorite bar. Being on a first name basis with your butcher is just as cool.

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