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:: Friday, March 14, 2008 ::

:: Job Search: Oh, NOW they Call ::
A manager from one of the restaurants I applied at called and left a message asking me if I'm still interested in working there. Hmm. A little late, since I'm working now, right? Except I'm actually considering it.

Why? Things at Swanky Trendy Restaurant are going okay but depending on the nights, weather, and what section I'm in, things have been frustratingly hit-and-miss there. I'm still willing to ride it out since most of the people there are nice and I'm actually kinda interested in learning out haute cuisine and gathering more wine knowledge. (Before this, I had no idea what things like "cuvee" and "mertiage" are and I always thought Brut was a cologne for greasy used-car salesmen. It sounds stupid but I'm serious. I rarely drink champagne.)

(Slight digression: did I mention that this job requires me to wear a tie? I fucking hate ties. Something about that seems so unnatural to me. On the other hand I told me parents that I finally have a job that requires me to wear a tie to work and they've never been more proud.)

Honestly, I've been thinking about picking up a second job anyway. Swank is dinner only and this other place has does a pretty good breakfast and lunch business so my plan is to try out the morning shift a few days a week and keep my night job. It's the middle of season so I'll just work my ass off for two months. This way, I'll make some extra cash, go out less, save more, and when season is over, quit one job and focus my efforts on finding my "real job." (That and I have a month's worth of lost income I need to make up.) Whatever money I have saved up, I can use on printing out a nicer portfolio, plane tickets in case I need to fly somewhere for interviews, and any other costs that job search might incur.

And maybe buy myself a nice bottle of bourbon to celebrate getting that job.

I'm going to have to sleep on it but it might work.

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