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:: Friday, February 01, 2008 ::

:: Celtics Game Recap ::
I don't know if anyone saw the game or if you saw the results on the news but if not, as you can see here, the game was ugly. Bad. Horrible. Even though basketball ranks a distant third to baseball and football in terms of favorite sports, I follow it enough to know how good the Celtics have become (which isn't really saying much since even Gay Wingman knows how good they are) so as bad as the Miami Head are, I was at least hoping for a decent game and hey, I get to see Kevin Garnett play and he's a rockstar.

Except he didn't. He was out with a strained abdominal muscle (wuss). Ray Allen was stricken with the flu. Paul Pierce had a sore vagina and finished with only seven points. Of the Miami stars, Shaquille O'Neal pulled a hamstring running to the post-game spread when the team chef brought out pot roast (not to say I wouldn't have done the same thing but this guy is supposed to be a fucking ATHLETE... and my hamstrings are in better shape, apparently), and Dwayne Wade left in the third quarter with "flu-like symptoms" (did he have pre-game make-out session with Ray Allen? I mean really. It's that or Wade got sloppy seconds with a sports groupie who stopped by the visitor's locker room first).

Whatever. My buddy and I snuck in two small bottles of vodka and small bottle of Jack Daniels (that was mine) so halfway through the second quarter, we had a nice buzz going (I'm not an alcoholic!) so the game wasn't too unbearable. And I have to say, I was impressed with the depth of the Celtics bench players. It wasn't Boston's Big Three but the backup guys played like a decent college team going up against some beer-league rejects and as bad as the game was (they won by thirty points but the game wasn't nearly that close) those guys were fun to watch. There wasn't a ball-hogging superstar (Kobe, I love you but it's true) or some star primadonna that's angry because the team stopped paying for his pedicures. The Celtics bench guys played like a TEAM - kinda like how the Detroit Pistons played when they won the Title - and as a casual fan it was fun to watch.

Hey, it was a free ticket. Sports events are like rock music in that it's always better to experience it live anyway (even if your seeing some crap band like Maroon 5) and even without the booze, I still would have had fun. And as a sports fan, the one thing I took away from it was this: I can complain about my favorite teams all I want (Dodgers, 49ers, Lakers, Federer losing in the semis of the Oz Open) but it's still better than being a Miami sports fan.

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