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:: Sunday, January 27, 2008 ::

:: Wingman ::
There's this guy at work that seems to have appointed himself as my "gay wingman/dating coach." He's a proud native New Yorker. Outgoing, garrulous, brazen, and believes everyone should bask in his "fabulousness." He also has a drinking problem, loves smoking weed, and is on probation for a domestic dispute with an ex-boyfriend (the details of which I didn't care ask about). You could be judgmental, but we're friends and some nights after a long day and a couple of beers, he's one of guys I talk to about my female problems, so what does that say about me?

Every now and then after a few drinks, he makes it a point to meet women and then introduce them me. I'm just sitting there trying to find something to hide behind. I'm not opposed to meeting women, except he has a knack for picking out the ones that are married, have boyfriends, or is so drunk that she'd probably go home with Scott Peterson.

I don't know if it’s a New York thing but he's generally blunt in his observations of me, especially when he goes into this bizarre (alcohol-induced) Queer Eye meets Dr. Phil mode. I'd normally dismiss his drunken ramblings (like when he tells me to cut six inches off my hair and shave my goatee; no way I'm cutting my hair, and I'll trim my goatee but if I go clean-shaven I'll look like I'm 17) except he pointed out some of the very same neurosis that I blogged about in the past. And it's not all critiquing, he does point out the positives as well, without being like, creepy or anything.

He knows about The Hostess, only because he saw us leave work together and asked me the next night about what was going on (nothing... I think) and if anything happened (we had dinner once, drinks once and lunch once). His conclusion? She likes me but she's probably as neurotic as I am. Interesting choice of words since since she sometimes compares herself to Monica from "Friends."

This should be interesting.

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