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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Sunday, July 01, 2007 ::

:: So umm, never mind ::
Last Wednesday night I'm playing my usual tennis clinic. During the warm-ups, i notice a cute brunette in a visor that hasn't been there before. When the pros split us up, she's next to my court so during water breaks I casually check out her uhhh, skills and eventually notice she actually does have good groundstrokes. She ends up playing doubles in my court. After the match, we shake hands and I say "good game." She introduces herself, "my name's Carly." (Not her real name.)

"I'm Dan-E." "Nice to meet you Dan-E." She flashes a nice smile.

My mind start going, and I'm thinking to myself "I didn't ask for her name and she gave it to me anyway. Maybe she's trying to show she's interested? Or maybe she's just really friendly and I'm just reaching because it's been so long and I'm rusty. What the hell, let's just see what happens." (No, this isn't pathetic at all.)

As we walk off the court I tell her "you have a really good backhand (read: you have a nice ass)." She giggles, "Oh thanks."

"You been playing for a while?" (Your legs are nice, too.) "I've been playing since I was little." "That's cool." "Yeah, he started teaching me how to play really early." She points to an older guy that was her doubles partner. (Please don't tell me you're dating him.) "That your tennis coach?" (Please don't be having sex with him.) "No, that's my dad."

Your remember that scene in "Star Trek VI" where the Enterprise gets shot by a cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey and Captain Kirk is yelling "Back away! Back up! Back up!" That's kinda what went through my head the moment she said "...my dad." (Is this why I can't get a date? Being able to remember scenes and lines from old "Star Trek" movies? Women can sense my inherent geekiness? Don't answer that.) Anyway, I resume some lame small talk and we eventually say our byes.

Walking home, I was a little annoyed at myself for letting the presence of her dad to throw me off. Of course even if her dad wasn't there, I wonder if I would have had the fortitude to man up and get her number? Or even ask for it? Could I have done it without seeming nervous and stuttering my lines? Would she even have said yes? Why am I even asking myself these questions? Have I regressed this much? Have I gotten this bad? What the hell happened to me?

Why am I even sharing any of this?

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