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:: Saturday, May 12, 2007 ::

:: Round ::
In regards to that post about my, uh, big ass, it wasn't so much that I don't know that I have a round ass. It's just always gonna be awkward when a straight guy comments on another straight guy's ass. I'm just saying. (If we're playing football and I score a touchdown, go ahead and smack my ass, I don't care. Complimenting another guy's arms at the gym is also perfectly okay. But commenting on another dude's ass? Hell no. Go fag out on your own time.) A couple of women that I work with have made comments about my ass being kinda round, as well as quite firm. (We're not sleeping with each other or anything, we were playing grab-ass during a slow shift...this is one of many retarded things waiters do when they're bored.)

I've always had a thick lower body (27" thighs and 18" calves), probably from being a chunky kid that liked to run around and play a lot of sports, as well as eat a lot. When I owned a gym membership I always worked out my legs more than anything else since the legs are the source of power and speed for the sports that I liked to play. (Most guys who are 5'10" and 210 lbs. don't look anything like me unless they played football.) That helped my legs develop and all but as for my ass, I don't know, maybe it's due to my age or, the regular stair running I used to do.

I mean, it's not disproportionately huge, like J-Lo's ass on Kate Moss' body or anything, but it definitely caught me off guard a few months ago when I was at Target buying pants. If you're wonder how something like that could go without notice, I don't buy clothes often and when I do, I usually just try it on just to make sure it fits ok. But this dressing room had a three-way mirror (which I hadn't seen in over a year, no joke) and I noticed in one of the side panels that my ass seemed a bit more round than I thought it was. Did it really get bigger? Or did I lose weight everywhere else but there?

Who knows. I don't really care actually. Living in Miami, it's actually okay, especially if you're a chick, to have a big ass. And here, being considered "thick" isn't a pejorative. (Thank Jennifer Lopez and Vida Guerra). I know many guys that like a girl with a round ass (I happen to be one of them). Of course, now I'm wondering if women look at a guy's ass the same way.

Whatever, I don't really care. I just wanted to see how many times I could write "ass" in one post.


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