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:: Wednesday, November 07, 2007 ::

:: Thinking too Much, Still ::
I've haven't played my guitar much in a few weeks. I had last night off after working a long lunch shift and wanted to I wanted to relax for a bit. I poured myself some bourbon and pulled Lilly out of her case (for those of you new to my blog, I name guitars; my acoustic is Lilly and the electric is Colette) for my own personal jam session. Her strings were a little worn but after a few strums, the sound came back and I played for about an hour. I played everything from some practice scales, old church songs, and Bon Jovi

It was fun and relaxing but I also had to get my mind off the fact that I ran into one of the girls I blogged about a while ago. It wasn't quite cordial, either. After the initial pleasantries, she asked why I lost touch.

What are you talking about? I tried calling you. Why didn't return my call?

I texted you.

And I tried to call you afterwards but you weren't picking up.

Well... I really like texting.

You'd really rather type out messages on a keypad instead of just pressing that green button?

Well, it's easy because I have a Blackberry.

I don't remember much after that since I think my head exploded. We said our obligatory "good to see you again, blah blah blah" but I was left thinking (which is never a good thing) about this. I'm not one these people that’s perpetually attached to their cell phones. I work with people who check their cells every hour during a shift. I have to deal social retards every time I work because they're too busy yapping on their phones to order, or even practice some simple courtesy. When I had a car, I'd always have incidents with some dumbfuck man or woman who's too busy talking to see what's going on around them. If I call someone and leave a message, I sometimes get a text back. And there have been times when I email people where they reply via text.

What the fuck?

I dislike cell phones and I fucking HATE texting just as much, if not more. I may have a cell but I use it like a landline; I don't like using it when I'm not at home. I was one of the last one of my friends to get a cell phone and I've yet to really embrace it so I admit that I may be a little behind the times but is texting now really an acceptable form of regular communication? It's not enough that I have to consider whether my clothes are ok, if my breath stinks, whether my humor is too arcane, or what I say when I call, but now I have to think about how and when to text? Really?

It's probably because I'm a guy but I don't like using the phone unless it's a with a friend in a different city that I haven't seen in a while. And I'll even admit that there have been a few times where text messaging has been useful. but geezus. Is this what we've become? A bunch of thumb-talking savants? Or am I the one that's out of line?

Back to the point of this post; as I was thinking about this, it seems that ever since I moved to Miami, just about every minute I spent with any woman came in a distant second to some alone time playing my guitar. Is that sad or what? (Don't answer that.)

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