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:: Friday, September 01, 2006 ::

:: My Turtle is getting Huge ::
I was supposed to work tonight but thanks to some strenuous drills during a tennis clinic, I can barely put my weight on my left foot thanks to a stress fracture. I probably should have called in gimpy but I thought I could grind it out but the moment I put my shoes on, I was a limping mess. Our manager Luke graciously sent me home early, being as it business has been dead (like "Michael Keaton's career"-dead) since Tropical Flame-out Ernesto (it's been dead pretty much everywhere on the beach) he decided they could get by with four servers.

So I spent the evening alone with a tall glass of Black 'n Tan and The Girlfriend's kittens. And as I'm typing this out, Buttercup (she named the other one Wesley; anyone know the reference? First one to guess gets, well, bragging rights) walked up to my chair is meowing for attention. At the same time, Mike is swimming up against his tank doing his frantic "FEED ME" paddle.

Ok, I dropped a few food sticks into his tank and I locked Buttercup in the closet. (Just kidding. He's purring in my lap right now.)

I've always been a dog person so I never thought I'd get so attached to a turtle. It's not like you can pet them or play fetch with them or anything. All the really do is swim, sleep, and eat. And boy does he eat. It sometimes feels like I'm feeding him every hour or so. It's also fascinating to watching him tear into a grape. I mean, the thing is bigger than his head but he attacks it like, well, me dismantling a rack of ribs (and considering how often I clean his tank, he shits about as often as I do. I feel like you should know these things). What was the point? Oh right. I've developed a rather deep affection for my turtle.

Anyway, what you can't see from the photo is how much he's grown since I posted his photos four months ago. He's gotten than the platform that Little Mike (God rest his soul) is sleeping on.

Anyway, he's doing his FEED ME swim again.

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