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:: Monday, May 15, 2006 ::

:: Happy (belated) Mother's Day ::
To all the Moms out there who might be reading my blog: Happy Mother's Day. There, now stop bugging me about grandchildren.

Yesterday was a Mother's day first for me in that I received my first Mother's Day card. Except I don't have any kids (that I know of). I have turtles. Two little, baby Red-Eared Sliders. The Girlfriend, having the kind of humor that she does, got me a card and told me it was from "the kids." Rather fitting one too, since it was written for stepmoms and contains the phrase "...even though you're not our real mom..."

A brief history, TG's kid came down to visit us last month and she liked me enough to buy me a little turtle (including three more for her family). I got the one that for whatever reason, was a litte slow and dopey-looking (in a cute sorta way) so we named him "Lenny" (you get a cookie if you get the reference). Unfortunately, Lenny was ill so he died just a couple of days later. I got a little attached to having a pet so I got a couple more. These two were more normal looking, far more lively, and fortunately, much healthier, since they've been fine for thee last three weeks. So anyway, meet my little babies, Mike and Mike.

(Little) Mike

(Big) Mike

I named them both "Mike" after my favorite Los Angeles Dodgers catchers (Mike Scioscia and Mike Piazza) but TG thought I named after "Mike and Mike" of ESPN's morning radio show. Which I guess kinda works for me also. (And yes, I openly admit to watching a TV show about two guys doing a radio show about sports.) Hard to believe people think I'm obsessed with sports, right?

Mike and Mike basking.

"We weren't doing anything. I swear!"

The "mom" label does seem to be a better fit for me than her since she's the one who paid for the tank and their food while I'm the one who feeds them, cleans their tank, changes their water... and generally dotes over them. All I need is a gigantic SUV and a seething sense of entitlement and my journey into mommy-dom is complete.

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