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:: Tuesday, February 21, 2006 ::

:: Photo Blog I ::
My girlfriend has a thing for the zoo so one of the first things she did after coming back to Miami was get an annual pass at the Parrot Jungle. (You have to like a girl who's so easily entertained.) She thinks I should start a separate photo blog and while I might eventually, for now I'm just gonna post a few photos I took over a couple of visits.

You can click on the pictures to see them full-size.

Parrot acrobatics.

Go Bruins! Sorta.

Look at those great colors. You just know it's gay.

Yes, I am pretty. You have persmission to admire me. *strut*

'Ow yoo doin'?

Parrots making out.

"Hey, you want the top bunk?" "Nah, I'm good down here."

The billy goat version of rasslin'.

Little guy chewing on my girlfriend's pants. He stopped once I kicked him. I'm kidding. (He kept chewing.)

She's just like a big house cat. With huge claws and fangs. And she can disembowel you in your sleep or eat you alive. But other than that, she's just a big house cat.

An albino alligator. (Or, the one thing in American that's whiter than Conan O'Brien.)

Look into my eyes... you are getting sleepy... you will help me escape this dump... and then you're gonna be my lunch... hey! Wait! Where you going? Come back... shit.

The largest living crocodile (they called it their "Crocosaurus") in captivity. It's 21 feet long and weighs over a ton. Which is still lighter than John Goodman.

Just an incredible beast - not unlike Reggie Bush - to look at, especially when he's up against the glass and you can see him up close. After walking around for a while, we sat right next to him to rest.

My girl asked me "what do you suppose he's thinking right now?" I replied "he's probably thinking 'if it wasn't for this glass I'd be chewing on your leg right now, you walking doggie bag.'" This was taken after we've been sitting there for a while. I think the croc got tired of looking at us and went to face the other side of the tank. This is a shot of its tail sticking out of the water.

Not something you wanna see while you're swimming at night.

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