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:: Friday, December 16, 2005 ::

:: I'm here till Tuesday. Tip your waitress. ::
Once or twice a year my school offers a class called "Stand-up Comedy." This class is exactly how it sounds. The purpose of this class is ostensibly for students to learn to write funny as well as how to present themselves in front of an audience. But really, it's either a way to torment shy students or another outlet for attention whores whose greatest memories of childhood was show-and-tell days. I fall into the first category.

Last night was the performance for this quarter's group of victi... students and it brought back a flood of memories from the time I took the class earlier this year. I even wrote about how while I enjoyed the class itself, I had trepidations about going in front of a 100 people and trying to make them laugh. But I guess I really didn't need to worry since I did alright.

I knew a few people that were in this group and really wanted them to do well. There are always one or two students that don't generate much laughter but the nice thing about performing at school is that you're comfortably ensconced in the cocoon of fellow students who are kind enough to root for you to do well and drunk enough to laugh at just about anything, even if the material is bad enough to silence the crowd at the Apollo.

There was a variety of great material and fortunately, other than a few moments of life support, no one bombed. Not surprisingly, some of the funniest stuff came from the kid that's normally one of the quiet ones. The headliner was this girl (finally!) who looked like she had quite a bit of stage experience. (That or she's the world's biggest drama queen.) Either way, she was awesome and while that quiet kid's material was funnier, her polished stage presense made hers the most well-rounded act.

I was talking to a buddy who also took that class and reminisced about our own experiences. We found humor in the fact that though we're graduates of an "Art" school, we both considerd Stand Up Comedy to be our best classes. Yep, $3500 a quarter.

Image Courtesy of Josh Neuman at www.surrealart.com.

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