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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Friday, March 04, 2005 ::

:: Where Everyone Knows Your Name Redux ::
I know too many people that have too many of the same names here. There's Annie, Anne, "Brazilian" Ana, "hot" Anna, Anna at Taste, and another Anna that went to a different campus. Then there's Jen, Jenne, Jenny, and J-Loo a.k.a. Jen. That doesn't include the numerous Jens I know back in LA. I know two guys named Josh and three different girls named Lindsey. There are four Jessicas, not including the Jessica that works at the front desk. I've met two Natalies and three Shelley. There were two other Daniels previously but they both went by Dan. There's a Danny but I'm still the only Dan-E.

You see now why I seem confused?

Speaking of names, I wrote a while ago about being a regular at some local places here. Now, it's one thing if people know me at these places but for some reason it feels odd when those people include the ones who work at Starbucks. Not that I'm complaining but it's weird when I don't go there for a few days and they say they were worried about me. I'm used to it at the local joints but there...

It does have its benefits. I've been living off nothing but those Starbucks sandwiches and salads for the last two days. Their policy is to throw the stuff out at the end of the day but every time I go there, they always ask me if I wanna take some home. Broke-ass college boy turn down free food? Unlikely. They're not the greatest things in the world or anything: the Pepper Chicken is the best and the Italian Panini is very tasty but Paninis need to be pressed. Then again, I really have no business complaining do I?

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