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:: Monday, February 07, 2005 ::

:: Super Bowl XXXIX ::
Considering everything the ancient Romans contributed to modern society, isn't it a little sad that the only thing they're remembered for is the method for numbering Super Bowls?

A few of my thoughts:

- Great game. It was certainly more entertaining than the commercials, which, other than a few exceptions, were disappointing.

- I'm glad New England won, not that I have anything against the Igles but I hate Terrell Owens. If you saw his post-game interview, you'd see that he was more jubilant than any Super Bowl loser has any right to be. The reason being was his self-aggrandizing his ability to play after a supposedly severe ankle fracture. "Sure we lost the most important game of the season and quite possibly our careers, but did ya see me play? Did ya?"

- Him subtly playing the race when comparing himself to Brett Favre in that writers portray Favre as a hero for playing hurt while he's being scrutinized and vilified. Now, before anyone falls under the influence of some hack sportswriter looking to sensationalize something that isn't there, let's compare the two:

- Favre is known for coming up big in games that matter, yet praising his teammates for helping him make the big plays. Owens, before today, often drops crucial passes in big games but is a total glory hound when he has big games during the regular season.

- Favre has choked in big games as well but he takes complete responsibility for the loss. Owens not only drops passes but is often afraid to take a hit going up the middle and eviscerates teammates for the loss both during and after the game, rarely if ever owning up to his failings.

- Favre has always carried himself with class and dignity and never tries to make himself larger than either his team or Football, all the while acting has an ambassador for both his community and The Game. Owens has always been a shameless self-promoter, seeking the limelight and prioritizing personal accomplishment over team success. He's quite possibly the single most pathetically insecure athlete in all of sports.

- Favre is never one to publicly affront any player, preferring to keep things within his locker room. Owens blatantly talks shit about anyone, from questioning their sexual orientation to discrediting someone's innocence when that person was acquitted in a court of law.

- The media circus surrounding Owen's ankle is largely fueled by Owens. Favre's downplayed his thumb injury last year as much as possible.

- In case you haven't figured it out now 1. It never was, never is, and never should be a race issue. 2. Owens is a bitch.

- Despite all that, I wanted to give him some respect for playing on his busted ankle. I wanted to, but that was before I saw his post-game interview. Now the conspiracy-theory part of my mind wonders if he overstated the nature of his own injury just to draw more attention to whether or not he'd play, to which the media bought hook, line, and sinker.

- If I ever use that "hook, line, and sinker" cliché in my blog again, punch me in the face. Please. That appeal also applies to "biatch," "yoo da man," anything "-izzle," and "wardrobe malfunction."

- I'll never understand when athletes, those who've played at previous Super Bowls and those who are about to play in one, say things like "don't worry and just have fun" or "take in the whole experience" and "see the sights" because "they may never get here again." If you ask me (and I'll pretend you did) the possibility of never playing in another Super Bowl is the single most important reason why a player's main focus should be on the game itself and little else. If you have family, you can always bring them to Jacksonville/Houston/San Diego during the off-season to see the sights. Things like SB parties and media days should be treated as necessary hassles, not as a source of distraction or entertainment. You're there to win. "Take in the experience" another time. The Pats know this and this is why they've won three of the last four. Players who listen to the above mentioned advice usually go home second best. If you want an experience, do it at the Pro Bowl.

- I was kinda hoping that Paul McCartney would go nuts and smash a guitar or something. Or maybe that his wife would join him on stage, followed by Justin Timberlake and that the big scandal is that he "accidentally" rips off her prosthetic leg.

- Lombardi's famous quote "there is no 'I' in team" is epitomized by The Pats. Few, if any teams have as many unselfish players as these guys.

- Boston has three Super Bowls and a World Series title in the last four years, while Philly has had neither for decades. This makes me happy. If you've ever been to either city, you'll know why.

- Bostonians can also take revel in the fact that the Celtics are leading their division and the Bruins are, technically, undefeated.

- Philly sports fan should be happy for the loss: they have another reason to boo.

- My personal request for next year's halftime show: U2.

- Thanks to the nature of the media, it's always the train wrecks that get the most attention e.g. "Ankle-gate." It's always the malcontents, burnouts, miscreants, and the pathologically needy attention whores that get all the press. Guys like Tedy Bruschi, Troy Brown, and Mike Vrabel represent everything that is good and right about sports, yet rarely receive any credit or publicity thanks to that same media.

- New England has a dynasty, folks. Get used to it.

- It's reminiscent of my beloved 49ers way back when during their respectable years. Speaking of which, I can't believe I'm actually celebrating the ignominy of clinching the number one draft pick next year. Forget the dynasty, I'll be ecstatic with a .500 record.

Anyway, that's all I have to say. Bring on baseball!

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