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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Thursday, February 10, 2005 ::

:: School and Whatnot ::
I requested a copy of my transcripts earlier this week and I found out my GPA at MAS so far is 3.32, and that last quarter for the first - and possibly only - time in my life, I got straight A's. Also, that GPA is at least 0.30 points higher than anything else I've gotten in my lifetime. I find myself unaffected by this. The only reason I care about grades at this point is that your GPA determines whether or not you get your first choices for the Quarter Away program. The stuff I've learned and the overall experience are far more valuable than anything a high GPA would represent.

Right now, I'm a little ill from another zero-sleep night. My head hurts, my stomach is queasy, and, no exaggeration, I'm pretty sure the room is spinning. So far this quarter, I've had at least one sleepless night each week. Sometimes when I'm clicking away at my laptop only to see the morning sun leak in though my blinds, I wonder why I'm killing myself over this. Then I have days like this afternoon where both the Project and the Presentation both went far better than I would have imagined and I tell myself "'cuz when you nail something, it feels totally awesome."

It's no secret that I'm my own worst critic so even if my friends compliment me on my work, I just smile and say "thanks" while still picking out flaws. Today's presentation went great, thanks to my account planner, who is this hyperkinetic mass of charisma. As typical, I wasn't completely happy with our presentation boards but given that we have only a week turnaround, it was decent but what totally killed was my planner, who could probably sell vibrators at a Sexaholics anonymous meeting.

You gotta love the few moments in your career when things come out the way you want it, when you can look at your team and think to yourself, "we nailed it. Damn we're good. Who cares about the score, we nailed it."

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