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:: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 ::

I get caught in this vicious cycle every quarter. I start off trying to stick either teas or sodas as a caffeine source but as the quarter progresses I start reverting to coffee and depending on how early my classes are it either starts around week three or week five. The good people at Starbucks sometimes know what I want as soon as I walk up to the counter (venti iced Americano, extra ice?) and I just nod with a weak smile.

So I start off with a couple of cups a day, completely eschewing tea, and it slowly escalates to the point where by studio week, I just might be able to measure the amount by gallons. Per day.

So once school is over, I go into detox mode for the next two-three weeks where I try to avoid any and all caffeinated beverages. That usually results in me sleeping in way past noon and walking around like a stoned zombie when I do drag my ass out of bed. I get withdraw headaches, the vague feeling that my arms are twelve feet long, and I wonder if I'm wearing cement shoes. Aspirin helps. Somewhat. I don't know what other effects caffiene has on my body but I'm pretty sure that without it, my skull will cave in.

So right now, I've gotten over my withdraw but I don't know if it's the jet lag or the balmy weather or quite possibly that I haven't worked out in almost a month but I have absolutely no energy. I'm not quite as catatonic as, say, Will Ferrell's portrayal of James Lipton but it's not far off. I think my coffee habit might start early this year.

I'm gonna go for a run and see if I can actually make it around the block this time.

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