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:: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 ::

It's after 5am and I've just finished watching SportsCenter. Good show except for the seemingly endless "Giants beat the Braves" highlights. Too bad the Braves were too busy chopping their arms to come up with a game plan. Which part of "pitch around Bonds" do these players not understand? Don't pitch to him! Or if you do, plunk him! I've seen multiple interviews of players saying, rather boldy, things to the effect of "we're not going to let Barry Bonds beat us." Well, golly people, Barry Bonds just beat you! And thanks to him, you chop-happy Braves get to go home early, sit around and practice that chopping motion on your own tomohawks!


The saving grace were the Monday Night Football highlights. Not that I'm a huge fan of either Green Bay or Chicago but that matchup is usually fun to watch. Partly because of the intense rivalry and partly because Brett Favre manages at least a couple of spectacular plays almost every game. It's amazing how makes average wideouts look like seasoned Pro-Bowlers. I'm telling you, that kid has one hell of a career ahead of him.

I managed to get through the Braves/Giants segments (barely) by flipping back and forth between SportsCenter and a (lame) movie called "Woman on Top," the (so called) romantic comedy (a term I use loosely) with Penelope Cruz. All I can say is while Cruz is quite the firey little chipotle, I'm so glad I didn't get dragged to see this turgid pile of dung in the theater. To royally screw up what's supposed to be light-hearted movie after casting a smoldering (svelte, doe-eyed, full-lipped, olive-skinned) beauty as the lead is something that's hard to do. And yet... that's what the filmmakers (another term I use loosely) somehow achieve. The plot devices were both stupid and illogical, the story itself was highly lame, and worst of all, it wasn't that funny.

Ugh, I should be sleeping. Or at least in my bed reading something. It's too odd an hour to be writing about this sort of thing. Insomnia SUCKS, can I tell you? I mean, I was really hoping that my second post would be something heartfelt and meaningful. Instead it's a rant on a hated baseball team and a totally sucky film. Yeah, my weblog is off to a great start. =P

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