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:: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 ::

I finally checked the scores for my Fantasy Football teams. 94 points in my Yahoo league!!! Yes! Not that I should get too happy because, technically, it doesn't mean too much since this was my bye week. Still, in terms of raw points I'm second only to the Whittier Locos... who also happen to be the only undefeated team. The very same Locos who thought they could win with Elvis Grbac at QB last year (please). I suppose if San Diego can start the season 4-1, anything is possible.

I really shouldn't be talking trash about a team that somehow, someway, with that sorry lineup, beat my team last season. Oh yeah, my only defeat (so far) this year is to, you guessed it, the Whittier freakin' Locos. It must be one of those odd Cowboys/Redskins type matchups (no matter how bad the 'Boys are, they somehow always manage to beat the 'Skins). Then again, when looking at the similar Jets/Dolphins matchup, Miami finally beat them last weekend after suffering eight straight losses to the Jets. So maybe I'll get my first victory over the Locos the second time around. Not that beating the Jets is that great an accomplishment. These guys are so bad that now Clippers fans have someone to look down on. Speaking of sucky teams, you know it's autumn in New York when New Yorkers change the bumper stickers that say "Mets Suck" to "Jets Suck." *rimshot*.

It's gratifying to see that I can do better in my second year, though finishing 6th out of fourteen isn't too bad for a rookie. Especially so since I'm playing mostly the same guys, a few of which are fantasy studs. There are some tough games ahead and I'm approaching the upcoming weeks with caution since and I have a unique ability to mis-manage a team in spectacular fashion.

Still, it's only a game, and a very sedentary, desk-jockey sort of game at that and given the option, I'd rather be out there playing football on a field with the guys. Those guys and I played some tackle football (Oz rules, meaning no pads) last Saturday and it was a whole lot of fun. Not so much the getting tackled part, but the extra thrill of playing a contact sport when it involves actual contact. Unlike flag football, this is a game where my mass is an advantage. I'm still sore, but it's that good kind of sore, similar to how you feel after a good workout. There's that little bit of dull pain that runs through my arms every time I stretch, and yet, I keep stretching because for whatever reason, that pain feels good. What, me? Weird?

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