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:: Thursday, May 07, 2009 ::

:: I Just Died a Little ::
I remember the Manny trade when it happened. Quite clearly in fact because I was writing an anti-Manny rant on my blog. It surprised me. I didn't care for it.

Some of my misgivings were allayed as we squeaked into the playoff and upset the hugely favored Cubs. Literally every story I read out of Los Angeles extolled his positive influence in the clubhouse, especially the younger players who saw him as Yoda with a bat.

Then came the offseason speculation of which team he would sign with. Dodger players openly lobbied for his signing. I couldn't argue. He's as good a role model as any - as long as we're only talking about hitting, and in an idiot-savant kind of way - for baseball prospects to emulate. I wasn't thrilled when he eventually signed but it was only two years, and the second year was an option anyway.

Like with so many things, my optimism was cautious. The kids' stats (seriously, look at the jumps in OPS) were noticeably better. There was a buzz permeating Dodger Stadium. We just won 13 home games in a row. Yeah, it was against a soft schedule but this was a promising start.

And then this happened.

That editorial articulates my feelings better than I ever could. I knew, I just knew that given his acrimonious departure Boston that there was too much potential for unnecessary drama looming. But I couldn't foresee anything like this. we went from "this is going to be a good season" to "I just hope we don't implode." I'm gonna go beat myself into a pulp with a fungo bat.

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