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:: Saturday, January 24, 2009 ::

:: Job Search: Again ::
As much as I like some of my co-workers at the Steakhouse, the atmosphere, and working for competent managers who aren't megalomaniacal despots or coked-out idiots (or both), as much as I feel like I could thrive here, I can't as long as there's little business. Unfortunately, it's been very slow. Considering we're in the middle of Stone Crab season, we should easily be doing twice the business that we're doing (indeed, I looked it up and we're doing barely half of last year's numbers).

It seems the corporate office knows this and laid off or transferred six people last week. They're also going to open the restaurant only five days a week. If you've noticed that I've been blogging a lot lately, it's because I've had some extra time since waiters are given the option, and sometimes simply told, to go home if it's slow. I prefer working five shifts each week but I can't hog all the work days, and being the New Guy, most of the other waiters are given priority.

The Floor Manager found a new job and they won't be replacing him. Two busboys were transferred. The head chef and two line cooks were laid off. More cuts may be coming and I have a feeling I'm next. My exceeding competency aside, I'm still the new guy and if the head chef is expendable, I'm just as easily terminated.

I've updated my resume and have spent some time looking around. I got some strong leads at other steakhouses and my old FM told me he's cleaning house at his new place and will soon need new people, so I have options.

I really thought about sticking it out but. One of my plans this year was to save up some money this season for my "Leave Miami" stash. Not that I want to leave but I'll go to wherever my "Real Job" leads (unless it leads me to some Podunk, redneck city with no baseball team) and if that requires me to move, so be it. That savings will go towards moving expenses, plane tickets, deposits for a new apartment, a car, etc. I saved up almost about three month's worth of expenses when I found out the last restaurant was closing, so it's an attainable goal.

In order to do that, I need to make money. Thanks to the economy and the competition from the slew of new restaurants opening up on the beach, it hasn't been happening. Don't get me wrong, I can still afford my favorite beer and the occasional bottle of Jack (which I buy on sale anyway) and even catch a movie once in a while. Despite the new GM's best efforts, business hasn't materialized like we hoped. It's been bad enough that some of the people who've been there for years have been talking about finding work elsewhere. Unlike me, their tenure gives them some job security in case things do improve but I'm hoping I find something before the next round of cuts.

Sure, being laid off isn't the same as being fired but I'm pretty sure it's not going to feel much better. Either way, I'm going on my fourth job in one year. That's almost as many jobs as I've had in my lifetime. I really shouldn't complain. I could have a job collecting urine samples.

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