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:: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 ::

:: Job Search: Day 11 ::
My interview at the hotel seemed to work out okay since I got a call today for a second interview. It's one of those posh hotels on Ocean Drive that has a restaurant out front. I knew it was posh because the first time I walked in, I noticed a medley of oddly colored and shaped furniture in the lobby. There were also a guy and a girl at the door, whose sole job responsibility was to open the doors for people coming and going.

That and a while back, I went there with a friend to the bar at the terrace and had to pay eight dollars for a damn Newcastle.

It's owned by a hotel corporation so the multiple interviews wasn't surprising. What was surprising was the sheer number of people I had to talk to. Just for a job as the morning waiter (which, I have to admit, from the way they described it, the job might bore me. But I'm trying not to be picky. I just want to work.) There's the guy who called me both times who I think was one of the hotel H.R. directors. The lady who interviewed me (who made me wait almost ten minutes) was I think either another H.R. person or a manger I'm not sure. I talked with her about fifteen minutes and tried not to be distracted by the fact that she was a tiny, somewhat attractive Asian woman (even though her last name was "Brown" which threw me off) with a Southern accent.

Once we finished talking she told me that I'd be talking to another guy who actually works at the restaurant. Oh, okay. I wait for another ten minutes and I look over one of the more curious pieces of "furniture." I'm honestly not sure if it's for sitting on, putting your feet up, or some kinky sex furniture for weird positions. I spent the next three minutes imagining the possibilities until the guy finally comes down (and I tell myself if I get hired, I'm gonna steal one of those things).

The guy who turns out to be the Wine and Liquor (I think that's what he said) Director and he has a light Boston accent with a little bit of a lisp. We talk for another fifteen minutes and he gives me a more complete description of the restaurant as well as my job responsibilities (I know for sure I'm going to be bored) and asks questions about my work history, which he seems impressed by somewhat. I answer whatever questions he has (though I may have left out the whole thing about getting fired). We finish up and he tells me that he's going to have me come in for a second interview so I can talk to the restaurant manager, the restaurant H.R. guy, and I think he mentioned something about Emeril, I'm not sure.

I figure I at least passed the first round of tests so it's a good sign, I think. (Though I've been through this crap before and nothing happened so I'm not getting my hopes up.) I look at my clock and it's almost eleven.

I walk around some more and fill out applications at a few other place and get more of the same (we're not hiring but you can fill out an application). I talk to a few mangers, I get a possible lead, but as it is, this hotel restaurant seems my best bet. I just hope they don't make me cut my hair.

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