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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Tuesday, February 05, 2008 ::

:: Go ahead, Make my Day ::
The beautiful and vivacious Diane of Martinis for Two honored me a with a You Make my Day Award (read: tagged me for a meme) and I have to say, it's pretty cool. She's living and thriving out in Germany with her new hubby so I'm not sure how my occasionally neurotic ramblings and rants about the crappy state of my sports teams make her day but I appreciate her plug, nonetheless. It's not a "make my day" in the Clint Eastwood mode (which, really would have been fun) but this is on a happier, less homicidal tone. Which blogs do I enjoy reading daily? Which blogs make my day?

- I can't start off without mentioning Joo. We've known each other for years dating back to before my blogging days. She's cute, perky, open, and not your typical "Christian Girl." We hung out a few times before I moved to Miami and now our blogs are a way for us to stay in touch without actually having to pick up the phone. We share a love for good food and great beer. She's also the only regular reader that knows what I look like. (Let's keep it that way, shall we?)

- Most blogs out there with the word "Dating" are usually, bitter, vitriol-ridden, man-hating or woman-bashing, dating sucks ass, why does no one match my self-perceived-greatness spewing tirades of frustration about the current state of their love life (really, they just want a hug) that makes my day in the sense that I'm glad that, despite my own misgivings, I'm not like that. Don't get me wrong, these blogs are highly entertaining. But Jamy marks a stark contrast in that she combines life and dating updates with a gratitude journal. It's a lot easier to be negative and I know better than anyone how hard it is to find a silver lining but she does it. That and she's a girl that likes baseball and football. That alone is worth a few points.

- You have to be a diehard baseball fan but this next "blogger" is one of my favorite writers. The venerable, inimitable, Baseball Hall of Fame reporter Peter Gammons of ESPN is joy to read (unfortunately, you need a pay subscription to view his content). His love of the sport of baseball, while lamenting the business state but in a constructive way, is clear in every post and every column he's ever written. Unlike other media hacks who try to promote their own name by writing controversy for the sake of controversy, Gammons reports to news with detail, eloquence and gusto that marks the standard for sports reporting. Also, he's a fan of the blues and can cut some mean licks with his Strat. A joyous passion for anything is enviable.

- A few friends of mine have told me I should become a writer (which leads me to believe they don't read much) but I have to point out a guy who actually is a writer, and a great one at that. The entertaining Neil of Citizen of the Month cracks me up every time I read his blog. He openly writes about his insecurities, the Ex-wife, and therapy sessions, but in a way that's funny and endearing and not pity-seeking. His style of writing is great, and anyone who has a series of posts with the subject "My Talking Penis" deserves some sort of mention.

- Last, I want to point out my little brother's blog. We're seven years apart, he lives in Boston, we live very different lives, and his blog was a way for me to touch base with him. Unfortunately, he stopped updating a while ago, and he likes is privacy so I'm not going to post the link. However, one of his posts was so compelling that I wrote a 1198 word post about it. Here's an excerpt:

I found his post revealing in that I used to wonder why I opted out of law to become a college professor. (It was a decision that I was always proud of him for making; choosing personal fulfillment over big paycheck.) If you read my blog for a while, you know I always touted him as the smart one in the family - he graduated from Boston College in FOUR years with BOTH a Bachelor's and Master's in Philosophy. (He's also the good looking one and the athletic one. Me, I'm...well, the Black Sheep.)

Sometimes I marvel at how advanced he his than I ever was at that age. And if wasn't proud of him enough, he's now teaching only part time while working his day job, which is working at a foundation where they take high school kids from troubled neighborhoods and mentor, teach, tutor, and guide them so they get into college. How fucking COOL is that? Because of our age gap, we're not close and I told him a long, long time ago that he needed to do what fulfills him. I made it clear he's never needed any validation from me. (I didn't think he'd actually listen.) But regardless of what he does, he's my brother and I'll always be proud and I 'll always love him.

That and the ladies love him. He needs to give me a few pointers.

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