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:: Tuesday, January 22, 2008 ::

:: Dreams and Nightmares ::
Everyone has dreams and nightmares. Sometimes you remember them, many times you don't. I don't recall ever blogging about this and I wouldn't, except last week, I had two very different dreams revolving around the same theme in one night. That along isn't blog-worthy, except last night, I had the same two dreams.

Remember the post about The Curator? In my dream, she came back to my restaurant to visit me, except she's with her date who turned out to be some old, bearded guy wearing a black trench coat and a beret (...in Miami. It’s too damn hot to wear trench coats and berets here). She walks in, gives me a big hug and a kiss, and says, "by the way this is..." (I don't remember the name). I forced some awkward conversation until I jolted awake feeling angry, bitter, and wanting to break something.

I went back to sleep and the second dream involved something resembling a porno scene (not that I would know anything about that). Except in this case, I was prominently involved and I wasn't some random pool cleaner or plumber, and she wasn't some porno-hot blonde with a giant, fake rack. The woman was someone I've never seen or met but in the dream, she was some I've been dating for some time (kinda like that weirdo future flashback from the TV show "Lost" where Jack and Kate are talking at the airport and you discover that the scene is from the future when Jack "we have to go back [the The Island]").

I walk into my little studio (which is a little depressing in retrospect; am I still living here in the future? I don't have a house yet? It's my own fucking dream and I can't even conjure up a nice little one-bedroom? What the fuck?) and there she is, dressed in a lacy, black tank top and thong and she couldn't be happier to see me. We started making out, then I ripped her panties off and [--CENSORED--].

(Oh calm down. For Pete's sake's people it was just a dream. And I've been at this too long to tarnish this blog with some explicit narrative of some graphic love scene that didn't even happen. You wanna read that shit go to some sleazy adult web site. Clitoris.)

It was great, I was great, she loved it, and things were awesome... until MY ALARM WENT OFF and I jolted awake feeling angry, bitter, and wanting to break something.

By the way, the girl in the second dream looked a lot like this (Please don’t ask me how or what search engine or what keywords I used to find that photo. I don’t know who she is or who the girl in my dream is. I just thought I’d help you, um, visualize my dream. That’s my story. I'm serious.)

Indelicate parenthetical humor aside, I had those two dreams in one night, on two separate nights and roughly the same thing happened both nights. Anyone know anything about dream interpretation? This happen to anyone else?

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