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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Saturday, October 21, 2006 ::

:: Week 7 Picks: ::
I know how disappointed you readers were when I forgot to post my picks last week (just play along). I still managed to turn in my picks for the football pool so I can yet again lose my ten dollars to someone who probably picks based on which uniform is prettier. (I'm not bitter. Not at all.)

So for the season, I'm now at 58-29 after going 8-5 last week and 10-4 the previous week. That's not to bad considering I'm not a like, a paid analyst over at ESPN or anything, and we all know how they're never wrong.

Also, congratulations to the Detroit Tigers for making it to the World Series. (As I mentioned before, I'm rooting for them because I think they're the better team, mostly because The Girlfriend is from Michigan and I don't have a choice.) The city needs something to feel good about (it's not like the auto industry or the Lions are helping in that respect) they have a rich history filled with great moments in baseball history and this season is a reminder to its great past. However, I thought it was over the top to mention yet again that Jerome Bettis is a Detroit Native and that he's coming home to with it all. I mean, enough is enough. Go drink a Miller Lite or something.

Week 7:
Philly over Tampa
Is it just me or dd the Igles look a lot like the Washington Generals when the play the Harlem Globetrotters? It's not that they went in knowing that they were supposed to lose that game but they played like a father trying to not hurt his 5-year-old son while rassling.

Jacksonville over Houston
One positive way to look at not having signed Reggie Bush: Houston's first pick Mario Williams has two sacks. Bush has NONE. Count 'em, none!

Pittsburg over ATL
Congrats to the Falcons coaching staff for finally figured out how to utilize Michael Vick's considerable running skill by installing that play option running game in tandem with Warrick Dunn. Give it a couple of more seasons and they'll finally figure out how to teach how to, you know, pass the ball.

New England over Buffalo
Buffalo has been so awful the last few season that I'm even starting to lose my taste for Buffalo Wings. Ok, not really.

Carolina over Cincy
When Marvin Lewis' dictum about signing and drafting "character" guys looks shakier than a Parkinson's patient after three Red Bulls. If you don't think bad character can ruin a good team, just look at the Bengals. (I'd say look at Oakland but that's too easy.)

Green Bay over Miami
In case you forgot, the Dolphins are a team is such dire condition that they're relying on Detroit castaway Joey Harrington to keep things from getting worse. And Coach Nolan is getting so desperate that he might sign a wide receiver in the first round in next year's draft.

New York Jets over Detroit
Apparently, Detroit has only enough room for one feel-good story at a time (sure the PIstons Red Wings had successful seasons at the same time but hockey doesn't really count) so it's only appropriate that the Lions are going to suffer their next loss away from home, so they don't infect the Tigers with their losing stank.

Sandy Eggo over Kansas City
Philip Rivers, who the hell are you and where the hell did you come from?!

Denver over Cleveland
Why does Jake Plummer suck so bad this season? Can anyone tell me how he reverted back to his old self? Did he shave that beard or something?

Seattle over Minnesota
So Shaun Alexander is out till Novermber, and they're expecting a huge boost when he comes back. It's like they suddenly forgot that he SUCKED before he went down with his injury. His MVP award last season was the worst selection for that award since, well, A-Rod the same year.

Arizona squeaks by Oakland
I was certain that the Raiders were almost a lock to go at least 0-10 until Arizona choked worse than A-Rod in the fourth quarter against the Bears last weekend. And now, thanks to that historic meltdown I have absolutely no idea. Vegas setting the spread at 3 points is their way of saying "we don't have a damn clue either." I found it rather amusing that the only person fired was the offensive coordinator. Almost like they're trying to imply that their offense was actually coordinated the last few years.

Indy over Skins
As each year passes, Peyton Manning and the Colts find new ways to keep breaking records, gutting through wins, blowing out opponents, and losing late in the playoffs. Just saying.

Dallas over New York Giants
Can someone tell me why sportscasters keeep referring to them as the "New York 'Football' Giants?" As opposed to what, the "New York 'Baseball' Giants? The "New York 'Bocci ball' Giants? The "New York 'Broadway Musical' Giants?" I need to know these things.

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