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:: Thursday, September 28, 2006 ::

:: Somtimes, Being a Sports Nut does Pay off ::
The restaurant I work at does a weekly football pool; $10 in and winner takes all. Each week, the take is anywhere from $90 to $110 and I've played all three weeks so far. And before I go any further, you should probably know that in my not very active history of sports pools, I've won a grand total of zero. I've either missed by a one game (say, week 2), been completely blown out of the water (the Hockey World Cup last year in Prague, where I can in LAST), or was too chicken shit to even place a bet even though I was 99% sure of the outcome (The Patriots/Rams Super Bowl).

Sure enough I started off inauspiciously enough when my picks for the pool and my Blog Picks didn't even match. I started writing my picks before I had to go to work and once there, I couldn't even remember who I was going to pick. In my blog, i picked Jags over Colts and Lions over Packers (look, I finished writing my picks at three in the morning after a busy, yet dull Satruday night, ok?).

So I go to work Sunday thinking I'm already behind and don't even bother with the updates after 8:00. I watched the Monday Night just because of the backstory and the fact that I was the only one at the restaurant (and probabaly the entire planet) who picked the Saints to win.

As it turns out, two other people and I were tied going into Monday and they picked Atlanta. Of course, I didn't know any of this until Tuesday morning, when I walked into work grumpier than usual, regretting having picked up a day shift. Mick, the line cook, (who I beat) sees me walk in and says "you lovin' New Orleans a lot now, ain't you Dan-E-boy?" I look over at him rather wearily and reply, "huh?" A little later, the GM shows up and bows to me in mock reverence and hands me my $110.

Not a bad way to start a work week.

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