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:: Sunday, June 25, 2006 ::

:: I'm not as Thunk as you Drink I am ::
Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of The Abbey Brewing Company, one of my favorite bars here in South Beach. Their celebration offer was a $25 all-you-can-drink draft beers all day from 8am (Sunday morning) to 5am (the following morning). The fact that The Girlfriend was the one who told me about this is yet another item on the What Maker her Cool List (tennis racket choices notwithstanding).

What that means is that you can theoretically show up at 8am, drink till your heart's content, (or you liver screams for mercy) go grab some food or sober up at home, return and drink some more, repeat. For 22 hours.

I got a bit of a late start but I got my money's worth (and then some) anyway. The Abbey has four of their own recipes and another ten beers from around the world on tap, and except for the one from Canada, which they ran out of - which I can understand since they only had 70% of the amount of the American brews (I'll never get tired of that joke) - I got through them all. And I even tried a few of them a second time. Any maybe a third.

I have a pretty good tolerance (practice) but I still ate a large lunch beforehand so I could (pretend to) be sober enough to enjoy all the beers longer before passing out drunk. And yes, I was planning on getting drunk (I got that day AND the day after off from work). It just`, ummm, didn't quite work out that way. Granted there was a break in there involving greasy foods and maybe a short nap but all I got was mildly tipsy. And honestly, I was a little disappointed at myself. Seriously, who goes out to get drunk and then fails?! Is that an even bigger failure than the guy who tries to kill himself but screws it up? Or is it worse? Please, someone tell me. On second thought, don't.

I guess my 220lbs does a better job of absorbing alcohol than I realized.

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