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:: Saturday, June 24, 2006 ::

:: Conversations with The Girlfriend: I ::
I try to play tennis twice a week and The Girlfriend, in a show of support, also tried to get into it at one point. This despite the fact that she's never played once her 29 (*cough*) years and tennis - kinda like the West Coast Offense - is something that can take a couple of years before you get the basics down and a couple more before you become truly proficient.

She hasn't played since she moved to Miami, partly due to lack of time but mostly due to her lack of a racket. We talked about getting her one after stopping by a Sports Authority a while back.

Me: Wilson and Head make some pretty good rackets.

The Girlfriend: Do they make one in pink?

M: (Pause) No.

TG: (Mildly whiney) Why not?

M: (Ignoring the question) I've seen some yellow ones, some red ones, some...

TG: But I want one in pink!

M: If I see one, I'll let you know. (Thinking that could never happen.)

TG: What kind do you have?

M: A Prince Graphite.

TG: Do they have one called "Princess?"

M: (At a loss for words. I'm still not sure if that was a real question.)

So last week, we're at another Sports Authority and much to her excitement (and my utter disbelief) she sees this thing.

TG: Oh my gawd!!! Look! It's pink!!!

M: ... yeah.

She grabs one and plays with it a little bit. She doesn't remember how to grip it properly. I smile at her and grab one off the rack to see for myself. I'm not impressed.

M: I don't know...

TG: (Annoyed) What?

M: It doesn't seem like a very good racket...

TG: But it's pink.

M: ... and there's other rackets that'll suit you better...

TG: And it comes with pink tennis balls!

M: I'm serious, this isn't a good racket. (It's a metal piece of crap. You have to believe me.)

TG: But it's PINK.

M: If you want, I'll chip in for a better...

TG: (Rather sternly) Dan-E, you need to learn what's important in life.

M: (Defeated pause) Yes dear.

I can't belive this is the same girl that knows more about football than some guys.

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