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Thoughts, observations, and introspections from an art student waiter/bartender in South Beach. Arcane humor ensues.
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:: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 ::

:: Week 13 Recap ::
I sometimes wonder if this is all my blog has become: weekly updates followed by a recap a few days later, with some with some bits of humor, commentary, and the occasional bits about dating. I suppose it could be worse. I could be pouring out my neurosis for everyone to read in an attempt to garner some pity attention but that's just not me. (And I'm don't have a lot of neurosis to share.) Though if it were I'd probably have a lot more readers. Like, 20 or so.
  • After yesterday's win over Pittsburg, I finally believe that Cincy is for real. However, let's ease up on the "changing of the guard" rhetoric about the AFC East. They were thoroughly dominated in their first matchup but this win was a squeaker against a team with an average secondary and an injured QB. Considering Big Ben threw three picks, the score shouldn't have been so close. Still, it's good to see a former laughing stock become respectable.
  • Remember how I wrote about Brett Favre's horrible play? I'm almost convinced he's either channeling Aaron Rodgers' rookie mistakes or he's mentoring Rodgers by showing him things not to do as an NFL QB.
  • Random thought completely unrelated to football: I don't care how skinny a girl is. If her jeans are so tight that her pooch belly pokes out over the beltline like a mini spare tire, that's just not attractive. Either do more crunches or realize that having a waistline bigger than 24" is not the end of the world.
  • Baltimore running back Jamal Lewis, who is normally a sure-handed runner, dropped his fifth fumble of the season. He's also had trouble catching passes. I really hope he didn't drop things this often while in prison.
  • Christ Chambers caught 15 passes for 200+ yards but he also dropped four passes. He's also dropped at least a couple of passes each game this season. Let's hope for his sake that HE never goes to prison.
  • Every football season living in Miami has forced me to listen to crap about that one hallowed season where the Dolphins went undefeated and how they all meet for celebratory drinks and food after the last undefeated team loses. I want the Colts to go undefeated just so I don't have to hear about this pathetic group of geezer with their desperate clench on past glories. They remind of that sad, sad person in their 30s who still talk about their halcyon days that peaked when they were elected to the Prom Court. You think maybe it's karma that's kept Miami out of the Super Bowl all these years? I'm only asking because I actually like the Dolphins.
  • Second random thought completely unrelated to football: I wonder if there's any truth to the rumors that the Houston Texans (don't even try to tell me they're a real football team) are trying to get current free agent Roger Clemens to QB next season under the theory that even if he hurls the ball right at opposing defenders, they'll completely miss it 'cuz his stuff is so filthy.
  • I used to watch Carolina halfback DeShaun Foster play at UCLA. He was injury prone back than and still is, so every time I see him, I almost expect him to collapse due to some limb tearing off.
  • The only thing that kept me from being perfect in this week's Picks isn't Jake Plummer's two INTs, but their running back not having the sack to pound his way up the middle for the one yard to get that critical first down. I hate you. You suck. Wuss.
  • I really like Kurt Warner and seeing him healthy and flourish in Arizona is great. He's one of the good guys in the NFL and he's earned every successful feat he's accomplished. If only he can get his wife to shut up.
  • I'm already hating the Alex Smith era. It's not his fault my 49ers are so bad but I don't care. We shouldn't have signed him. And for the few of you wondering why Brandon Lloyd isn't making highlight plays anymore, it may have to do with the fact that when he's not being spectacular, he's crap.
  • For those who think life is fair, I offer you this: Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen still has a job after all these years of putting together a losing team after losing team and I can't even get a job pushing coffee. Me? Bitter? (Maybe.)
  • Third random thought completely unrelated to football: now that it's dropped to a brisk 72 degrees at night here, I can see why people are starting to break out the wool sweaters and leather jackets.
  • I have no doubt that they'll be back next year, but the Patriots have about as much chance of three-peating as I do getting a date with Kelly Monaco.
  • My 49er's biggest rival at the moment is the lowly Arizona Cardinals. Last season, our only two victories were overtime wins against them. This year, half the Card's four wins are against us. My kid brother, who at one time was an even bigger Niners fan, has completely given up on not just the team, but also the entire organization. I can't say blame him. And he is the smart one.
  • While watching the replays of Carolina WR Steve Smith doing an end zone celebration by pretending to wipe the football like a baby that just pooped itself, my only thought was "considering the football is a similar shape and color to a giant turd, I wonder why no one's thought of this before?" Are you reading this Chad Johnson?
  • Considering last week's huge comeback that Hah-vahd (Harvard) grad Ryan Fitzpatrick engineered (pun not intended), I almost wanted him to repeat it this week against the 'Skins. But quoting Nietzsche during huddles and spouting the Pythagorean theorem and Avogadro's Number during audibles probably only works that once.

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