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:: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 ::

:: Signs that I'm not Exactly Cell-phone Savvy ::
I've only owned a cell for a little over two years and before then I fiercely resisted getting one unless absolutely necessary, and even then only by gunpoint. Given my disdain towards poor cellular etiquette, the proliferation of phones with more pointless gadgets than Jenna Jameson's vibrator drawer, and my own old-school approach towards technology in general, it seems I'm still playing catch-up.

For example:
  • I never realized how convenient an earpiece really is until four months ago.
  • My 27-month old phone was one of the first with a camera. Except that the camera part was a separate piece that you had to plug into the bottom of the phone to use.
  • It still takes me forever to pound out "where are you?" when texting.
  • It might help me to type out "where r u" instead but I abhor that type of grammar.
  • I find those walkie-talkie phones to be the stupid AND annoying. Kinda like my ex.
  • I absolutely refuse to use a ringtone, and instead use a standard ringer that I've yet to hear anyone else use. (Even though that one Nokia commercial with the dude singing the "Dukes of Hazzard" showtune is pretty cool.)
  • Despite the fact that every cell phone has Caller ID, I still tend to pick it up without looking at the screen and answer with a "hello" in the form of a question.
  • Likewise, when I call someone and they answer by saying "hey Dan-E" I'm a little surprised that they know it's me that's calling.
  • Also, when I leave a message for someone who's number I just got, I still say my name and number, including the area code, even though I know in the back of my head that my number is flashing on their screen.

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