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:: Monday, December 12, 2005 ::

:: I'm not 27 any more redux ::
I seem to be in denial about my age. I blogged about this a couple of months ago and you'd think I'd have learned but, no. I can't keep playing sports with the frequency I used to but I keep trying anyway. I played some volleyball Saturday morning, did some soccer Sunday afternoon, and tennis that evening (yes, with TG).

I'm usually pretty beat up after soccer. I play goalie and while I don't have to run as much as others, it's still a demanding position since having a bunch of guys launching balls at your face can be somewhat hazardous (am I right ladies?). And thanks to my volleyball background, I'm always diving at shots and landing on hard-packed dirt, with complete disregard for my personal safety (and my laundry bill). I could have postponed tennis but my apparent love of physical self-abuse won out and I went anyway. I still managed to play for a good hour and a half before my back started to yell "what the hell are you doing to me?!?!"

Now my lower back hurts, my legs feel like noodles, and I have a sore groin. (You ever notice in pro sports when they give out injury reports, how there's always someone with the vaguely termed "minor" groin injury? Well, speaking as a guy, no injury involving the groin is ever "minor." Glad we cleared that up.) Seriously, I woke up this morning around nine and literally couldn't move. I just layed there for about an hour hoping for a quick, merciful death, or at least someone to show up and make me some bacon and eggs. I eventually hobbled my way to the bathroom and took a couple of Advils so I feel better now but, ugh.

I'm gonna take NYM's earlier advice and have a few beers.

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